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DCT liveset dinner with:

1st floor
Format C:\ official Tekknikal Nonsense, Protoprod, AstralTek
MECHOZ Metanoise, Demontage, DCT rec., Metro
Adam Vandal DCT rec., DD, Cirkus Alien
TmH Tranzit DCT rec.
2nd floor
Alert (Cirkus Alien)
Ans / Krmelec Recordings
DJ Hujer DCT rec

The concept of this musical gastronomy event is shaped by the infamous czech underground techno label DCT records.

The founder of DCT, Adam Vandal has risen from his grave and started working on his significant sound and mental tekno vinyls again. The last release, DCT 11 was done in the cooperation with TMH and the czech liveset legend Mechoz, who has also returned back from the dead this year to twist some brains again.

This special occasion was also the reason for a call to Dresden, which is the home of Format C:/ - a really good friend and supporter of the whole DCT team for many years already.

The main stage will be covered just with livesets, this is why you can expect many strange devices for advanced sonic operation.

On the second stage you will find the Dubstep and Straightbeats producer Ans, who is currently distributing his production on his own label Krmelec records. Not many people know that his first releases were introduced on the early DCT presses some time ago.

The co-founder of DCT records Dj Hujer is a familiar name for tribeheads. He will be back after some years of silence to squeeze the turntables again with beats around 130 BPM.

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.