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Technical help (English)
Any questions and discussions concerning technical topics; - OS Related (Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, BSD, etc) - Internet/Networks (Web hosting, Dedicated Servers, Home/Business Networks, WiFi, etc) - Hardware (PC, Consoles, Phones, etc)
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ALEJANDRO --- 10:38:54 17.7.2019
Hey! Thanks for answering. I wanna can ask about Internet laws and more things about Czech Republic. I use forums since years and I prefer start helping another users and later ask bit by bit... but I have the barrier of the languaje.
??? --- 13:46:25 16.7.2019
ALEJANDRO: I'm not sure what exactly you want to achieve.
ALEJANDRO --- 11:59:02 14.7.2019
Hello! I where reading nyx.cz FAQ and I have one question. I need to ask some questions on czech languaje zones and before ask I wanna answer some questions to help another users.

My questions is:

Can I try tro writte czech messages with gtranslator, sentence by sentence and after CZ translated message paste english version?

Thanks for reading! Regards!
1312 --- 9:06:10 27.4.2015
ISATAG: Did you forward any port using NAT to your raspberry ?
RIVA --- 20:00:05 29.3.2015
HARKONEN: There's usually an option to disable the "safe boot" in bios. When you do that, you can use the legacy boot. It all depends on the laptop vendor, but from my experience they do put it there. But be careful, might struggle to find the correct drivers and end up with an unstable, unresponsive piece of garbage. Much like when using Windows 8 :)
UMIAKI --- 9:37:27 26.3.2015
MOR23: I'd say Alza.cz or CZC.cz or Alfa.cz - depends on how much you need to buy.
If you're looking for some high-end or wholesale stuff or solutions I'd say Dell or HP directly - they both have some Czech daughter companies.
MOR23 --- 10:49:14 23.3.2015
I am looking for the best shop in CZ to buy Network equipment, anyone has an idea where to look ? I am in Prague
MOR23 --- 10:19:20 23.3.2015
CHILDINTIME: Yeah, that's true. However, I would also not suggest using Windows unless you have to because certain apps or games don't work under Linux for whatever reason. (Usually Licensing reasons.)
CHILDINTIME --- 9:28:24 23.3.2015
MOR23: latest OS X (10.10) can be run on 2007 iMacs and Macbooks, I think thats ok and maybe better than PCs - many notebook manufacturers doesnt bother to update their drivers for Windows 8, 8.1 ...
MOR23 --- 10:43:09 22.3.2015
NYX: Yeah new versions of OSX are free but still the old ones are not updated and if you cant run a new version you are fucked because you cant use your machine for something else anymore, and the things you mentioned i agree with, not customizable. And to price, everythime i make a comparison with a PC i get way more for my money when buying a PC, the last time i decided to buy a computer i checked the price for a mac, compared the specs with a pc, then biught a PC and a console, and games, and a big bag of weed and i saved money compared to a Mac.