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Dovoz veci objednanych na anglickem ebay. Ochotne mi je privezla do Prahy, dik :)
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uz ho neupotrebim, v naprosto okay stavu (pouzivany ale core komponenty vsechny zcela funkcni) je mi ho lito vyhodit, 2012 koupeno za 180GBP (5300Kc) tak nekomu muze udelat radost za lahev vina treba?


Flux GU15 Snowboard Bindings – Women’s 2012: The new standard of female park riding, the Flux GU15 will get your name known by park crews mountains over. Strap into a pair of the Flux GU15, and feel the fluid ride and flexibility of the urethane highback and Vogue Base.

The Chair Highback is designed around the feet and needs of females. Strategically placed slots at the top of the highback shed weight while uniformly transferring power to your deck.

Urethane, barrowed from skateboarding provides a strong balance of support while maximizing flexibility.

F-Tech 3D Fit Strap – Provides a fit free of pressure points. Designed to let you manhandle the mountain.

Patented FTM Classic Toe Strap – Readily conforms to any boot shape, locking boots for powerful slip-free linkage.

UU Fit – Allows the ankle strap to transfer power better and minimize pinching.

The Vogue Base is female driven, and not based off a men’s baseplate and repackaged. Urethane dampeners in the heel absorb shock and allow your board to flex more naturally. While the asymmetrical design ensures that your foot is perfectly cradled.

The Comfort Blend 15 provides the perfect forgiving flex for beginners and lightweight riders. Comfort Blend baseplates use a 15% glass and fiber blend, while their rotary discs use a stiffer, shock-absorbing 30% blend of glass and fiber.

The Sky Cushion provides running shoe comfort without the sweatbands and spandex. Toe and heel cushions absorb shock through a combination of EVA material and air pockets.

Special Features
Low Profile Ratchet Buckle will smoothly and securely keep you connected to your deck while you unleash mayhem.

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