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► Nsk djs ★ Mejra ★ Majkl ★ Ježiš
☆ Guest: BodyBass

Mejra NSKdj's playing vinyl since 1996 The NSK crew was formed under the influence of such a sound systems like Spiral tribe crew, Lego crew and especially a fenomen of free parties. From that time dj Mejra started to co hundreds of free parties and free tekno festivals- one of the most famous is legendary party- CZEKTEK. Dj Mejra is currently a resident of Cross Club, where is also his music studio, and a resident of Styx smart club (In Styx club is active as a producer). Mejra is involved in many underground projects, one of which is Radio 23.
He plays-minimal,trance,psytrance,acidtekno,tekno,hardtekno,hardcore.
He played by side such a names like: Majkl and Jezus NSKdjs:-)
Chris Liberator , Aron Liberator, Dave The Drummer, Woody McBride, FRANK MULLER aka. BEROSHIMA / スコヴィル , Crystal Distortion, Jeff23, 69DB, Ixindamix , FKY, Mik Kim, Weasel busters, Suburbass, Dr. Green , Mokum djs and crews like : Spiral Tribe, Lego, Metek , Acid anonimous , Heretic , Cirkus alien, Matchbox, Metro, Lxr, Micro and more :-)

★ Vstup: 70 Kč

★ Start: 21:00


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