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XCHAOS --- 17:28:01 30.9.2015
Co to v tom kráteru Occator na Cereře sakra je?
VIRGO --- 15:07:45 30.9.2015
Japanese HTV-5 Cargo Vehicle: International Space Station
The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Kounotori 5 H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV-5) is seen departing from the International Space Station.
The cargo vehicle was berthed to the orbiting laboratory for five weeks until it was released on Sept. 28, 2015. HTV-5 delivered almost five tons
of hardware and supplies.



VIRGO --- 0:31:40 30.9.2015
SATAI --- 18:17:47 29.9.2015

Rush Limbaugh: water on Mars is a leftist conspiracy
Rush Limbaugh: water on Mars is a leftist conspiracy / Boing Boing
VIRGO --- 16:59:08 29.9.2015
CLUMP: Skutečný (a dlouho plánovaný) důvod: http://www.epsc2015.eu/ (začala včera).
CLUMP --- 16:45:35 29.9.2015

Zpráva o Marsu měla poškodit Putina, tvrdí ruský poslanec
CLUMP --- 16:06:10 29.9.2015
This is how Adobe and NASA photoshop the stars | The Verge

Even the wonders of the Universe need a touch-up every now and again. Although we marvel at pictures sent back to Earth from equipment like the Hubble Space Telescope or the Curiosity rover on Mars, there's a lot of work done on these images before they're published. As this blog post from Adobe explains, sometimes it's mostly just a case of stitching pictures to create a panorama (as with transmissions from Curiosity), but other times the process is more complicated.

CLUMP --- 21:45:43 28.9.2015
strizlivejsi pohled na dnesni udalost od Emily

NASA's Mars Announcement: Present-day transient flows of briny water on steep slopes | The Planetary Society

How big a deal is this story? Was all the pre-announcement hype justified? Is this just NASA discovering water on Mars for the zillionth time? What does this mean for things many space fans care about: life on Mars or future human exploration?