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inter:zone alternatif obchůdek/galerie
inter:zone je nezávislý obchod/galerie zaměřený na underground a alternativni kultury, kde najdete zajimavé komiksy, knihy, plakáty, trička, oblečeni, šperky, tašky, piercing, barvy na vlasy a mnohem víc...

nyx pošta: DINE
email: interzone.praha@gmail.com
tel.: +420 608248380
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PASHWAKA --- 9:36:40 26.6.2004
i'll have to come there and take a look once again.. :)
DINE --- 19:37:33 25.6.2004
takze inter:zone agent back from berlin, looots of new stuff in shop!!
PASHWAKA --- 19:05:02 14.6.2004
fleischerei t-shirts? ohhoop! i'm looking forward!! !
SEEDEE0 --- 17:49:21 14.6.2004
SPECIALNI NABIDKA: jestlize se vam libi nektery ze sitotiskovych plakatku od berlinjana Michy HIRTA, tak je moznost si urcity z nich zarezervovat do 18/6/ a nasledne si ho vyzvednout v interzone. Take cena je ponekud priznivejsi!)viz aj.verze tam dole
DINE --- 15:41:07 14.6.2004
reefa_ envy is a bad thing! :]] no i didnt go there, ive heard theres a long queue in front of there... anyway i visited the moma in new york before...so im not so much interested to see same stuff again, even its great stuff for sure, especially when im in berlin i have few time for visits to museums :]
SYMAQ --- 15:35:20 14.6.2004
aaa boy, dont worry - soon
REEFER --- 15:32:28 14.6.2004
i envy you. have you been to that moma exhibit in berlin? we're planning to go there asap when time will let me :)
DINE --- 15:11:38 14.6.2004
so next week some new stuff from berlin in inter:zone!!... printed posters and tee-shirts [no style fuckers, Gabba, Fleischerei, CBS...] and other stuff...
also spezial action about Micha Hirt prints: reserve a poster this week [before 18.06] and you will get it on monday 21.06 in inter:zone fresh from berlin... for 580,- instead of 650,- [click on the pictures to go to the gallery]
http://inter.zone.cz/gallery/micha_prints/pct1.jpg] [http://inter.zone.cz/gallery/micha_prints/pct2.jpg] [http://inter.zone.cz/gallery/micha_prints/pct3.jpg] [http://inter.zone.cz/gallery/micha_prints/pct4.jpg] [http://inter.zone.cz/gallery/micha_prints/pct5.jpg] [http://inter.zone.cz/gallery/micha_prints/pct6.jpg]

how to reserve: post a message here on nyx or by email to dine@inter.zone.cz, or directly in inter:zone where you can see some of the posters if you didnt already... deadline = friday!!
MYKO --- 14:58:03 14.6.2004
hmm...looks cool