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inter:zone alternatif obchůdek/galerie
inter:zone je nezávislý obchod/galerie zaměřený na underground a alternativni kultury, kde najdete zajimavé komiksy, knihy, plakáty, trička, oblečeni, šperky, tašky, piercing, barvy na vlasy a mnohem víc...

nyx pošta: DINE
email: interzone.praha@gmail.com
tel.: +420 608248380
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DINE --- 15:14:05 30.3.2009
NEW RAZK! :) http://www.razk.com

* check the new collection online
* pre-order at inter:zone (nyx posta DINE nebo info@inter.zone.cz)
* get your tee-shirt in inter:zone shop few weeks later, try it, like it, buy it :)
usual prices and times, more infos lata or posta :)
DINE --- 19:59:01 19.3.2009
new in shop!

Low Magazine Issue 4

Motif: Roboter
| Tim Biskup | Jana Ruprecht | Gary Taxali | Nicoletta Ceccoli |
| Heike Jane Zimmermann | Ken Taylor |

furthermore Show Reviews, »Canvas Stories« and News from the world of Lowbrow art, illustration, Pop Surrealism and young comtemporary art and culture.


Paperback: 72 pages
Dimensions: 21 cm x 21 cm
release date: February 5, 2009
190,- kč

DINE --- 12:29:22 18.3.2009
DINE: uz mame ty ghettoblaster-cases od Newafresh v obchode a jeste 2 rucne malovane tasky (na notebooku a na dalekohled/binoculars)... + dalsi textilni hracky a mys-toys...
+ novy stickerpacks (samolepky) a placky Urban Legend...
KAATHA --- 1:21:54 14.3.2009
KAIRRA: ten pasek s veminkama mam ;P
KAIRRA --- 23:08:18 12.3.2009
DINE: aaa sorry, I´m not so educated in komiks.. big tit is probably ok :D
DINE --- 10:57:29 12.3.2009
KAIRRA: no pigballoon, rather big tit :)) its a komiks character by holland illustrator Ckoe... i had in shop also komiks and buttons, should get them back on stock i hope... i think it perfectly suits young matekk :)))

KAIRRA --- 18:11:10 11.3.2009
DINE: haha little pigballoons or what :) i´m not sure that i am so courageous to wear this after baby :DD but nice, something in this style is what i look for
SYMAQ --- 16:18:16 11.3.2009
DINE: hohooo its completely crazy =')))
DINE --- 0:15:23 11.3.2009