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TIGRE --- 14:00:35 26.9.2013
Favela Painting na Kickstarteru s cílem vybrat 100k a pomalovat celou favelu!


Painting an entire favela in Rio de Janeiro by Favela Painting — Kickstarter
TIGRE --- 20:15:34 24.9.2013
TIGRE --- 15:33:36 23.9.2013
ne úplně nejnovější, ale zajímavé!

Anonymous vs. Los Zetas: The Revenge of the Hacktivists | Small Wars Journal
TIGRE --- 15:53:32 18.9.2013
LA_PIOVRA --- 11:53:54 18.9.2013
Demetri and Bruno - Witness - Al Jazeera English

Bruno is one of many strays crowding the streets of Athens after their owners abandoned them during the economic crisis. He roams around, visiting the restaurants he once frequented with his owner - but most of them have gone out of business.
On the streets at night he has a hard time finding a peaceful place to sleep because every square inch has been occupied by homeless people. And during the day it is even worse: Bruno is sorrounded by demonstrations, tear gas, and street fighting.
Bruno 'comments' on social security, urban planning, transportation, racism, the Greek bureaucracy and most of all the financial crisis which took away his home.
Naturally, people also speak in the film - all of those who meet Bruno during his wanderings in the marketplace, at a football match, at demonstrations and others. Greek filmmaker Demetri Sofianopoulos also takes us through the city of Athens, describing today's life and what motivates and inspires his work.

TIGRE --- 10:26:11 16.9.2013
A ještě nějaké fotky, tentokrát "vertikálního" bydlení v hongkongu...


Hong Kong's human battery hens: Claustrophobic images show how slum families squeeze their lives into the tiniest apartments | Mail Online
TIGRE --- 9:35:07 12.9.2013
THORGRIM: určitě sem! :)
THORGRIM --- 21:10:25 11.9.2013
Nevím moc kam s tím, ale tady se bizarní fotografie myslím vždycky cenily:) Takže nějaké ty baskické sporty


TIGRE --- 16:38:24 8.9.2013
FLU: brekeke... my bad :)