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Cyber.Punk: Is Stubborn Bast(A)rt
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Jak se po 20 000 prispevku ukazalo, tak v tomhle klubu jsou vsichni uznavani odbornici na tema co je a co neni cyberpunk. Nedoporucuji proto psat sem ani slovo punk ani slovo cyber /kyber, cp..../, protoze jinak se najde vzdycky nekdo, kdo vam rekne, ze to neni dost cyber nebo dost punk.
S pozdravem vas milujici Overdrive

LUKASHIVA --- --- 8.07:22 24.8.2004
NIC JAKO CYBERPUNKER neexistuje! Podte mi to odsouhlasit at uz je klid.. :)) Kdo byl kdy cyberpunker? Case ( myslim ze spis zkrachovaly programator), Kovboj ( ten byl snad pilotem ve vysluzbe, chlastajici troska touzici se vratit na oblohu), Silencio (prtavy dite s pravdepodobne poskozenym mozkem?), Ransom Stark (bloodnet), Rick z Dreamwebu?

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[Augmented Personality - paradigm change && "Kazdy den je prochazkou v databazi"] -- [Hack of reality, hack of virtuality] -- [Smart City & House] -- [CyberPunk is the state of Art - projekty, ktere nejakym zpusobem umelecky zpracovavaji nebo reaguji na CP, jsou CP] -- [Cyberpunk Geography - od SIlicon Valley az po hardwarove plaze na Tchaiwanu, middle east and Africa sillicon valley boom?] -- [Augmented Body & Brain - od LSD po benza a hydergine] -- [Completely Virtual - virtual paranoia, Internet 3.0 - matrix...] -- [Future military] -- [???]

Navrhujte dalsi temata s tim, ze cilem je shromazdit nejen linky, ale treba i predstavy budoucnosti, touhy a predstavy, ktere se ve vas s danym tematem objevuji. Samozrejme ale davejte linky a informace o cemkoliv, co se sem hodi. Idealne muzete prispevky otagovat pomoci #keyword, v RSS se to pak lepe filtruje. [BloodNet - cyberpunková hra, imho jedna z nejlepsich] -- [DreamWeb - cyberpunkvá hra s motivy magie] -- [Cyberpunk RPG] -- [Cyberpunk, industrial a novoromantika v textech a hlavne obrazech...].... atd, atd.
Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
OVERDRIVE --- 14:43:09 29.3.2010
Dotaz: kam v Praze do knihkupectvi za anglickymi knihami? shanim predevsim rekneme odbornou nebo spis popularne naucnou literaturu a predevsim novinky. Existuje neco takoveho v nasich zemich?
Pripadne kde nakupovat na netu, aby se dalo knih koupit vic pohromade [z ranku popularne naucne] a clovek tak usetril za postovne?
Dalsi vec, pridal by se nekdo ke me?
Zajimaji me predevsim veci o kterych pise naural.it: tedy vyzkumy socialnich siti, vyzkumy soucasnych sitovych trendu a subkultury... vic viz: neural.it
OVERDRIVE --- 17:13:09 26.3.2010
ze bych konecne mohl mit i jine barvy kuze nez mam a moh je menit podle nalady? chci... jeste, ze nesjem tema normalnima kerkama pokrytej celej i kdyz ono by se to asi dalo spojit:

Electronic Ink: LED Tattoos Implanted by Silk
od autora Mr. Roboto
Položka se líbila 11 uživatelům
Sources: Wired, H+, MIT Technology Review


A demonstration from Philips Electronics showing the possibilities of implanted LED “tattoos.” Pretty kinky, but there are already practical applications being considered.

The Illustrated Man. Tattoos have mostly been static graphics, limited in their usefulness in communication certain info. But researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have now come up with LED tattoos that can turn your skin into a living screen. And to help get this tech inside you, the Beckman Institute at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana have found a way to use silk to implant the circuits.

vic tady: http://www.cyberpunkreview.com/news-as-cyberpunk/electronic-ink-led-tattoos-implanted-by-silk/
OVERDRIVE --- 13:13:34 26.3.2010
DRAGON: prodaval data a kradl penize... imho realny zlodej
DRAGON --- 11:45:31 26.3.2010
OVERDRIVE: 20 let za to ze ukazal na chybu v systemu, to je slusnej reward
OVERDRIVE --- 11:35:35 26.3.2010

hacker mel na zahrade zakopanej milion dolaru, informoval o svem spolupachateli a pocorovali udaje milionu kreditnich a debetnich karedt v US. Hacknul treba platebni system 7-Eleven [na kazdem rohu treba v Mexico City], asi set bank. Z karet neco malo vybrali a zbytek prodavali kriminalnikum po celym svete. Hodne huste, to zni jako nejaka cyberpunkova pohadka. Spis balada, dostal 20 let.
OVERDRIVE --- 11:15:33 23.3.2010
necetl nekdo? nema nekdo?

edited by Konrad Becker and Felix Stalder - Deep Search: The Politics of Search Beyond Google


Studienverlag & Transaction Publishers, ISBN 978-3706547956, Austria, 2009, English
The centrality of search engines in everyday lives has recently been focused on by different institutions involved in the critical analysis of Internet culture. Among them are the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam, and the World-Information Institute in Vienna that organized the Deep Search conference, whose texts are collected in this book. Some crucial questions were tackled concerning the digital retrieval of information, some of the most relevant being: accessibility to information, the politics of archiving and the redefinition of knowledge. These universal issues are explored in more than a dozen contributions that try to face both the potential and the dangers in searching the enormous amount of online information, relying, at the same time on private corporations and their internal organization and filtering criteria. The (more or less) monopoly of Google is not the only concern in this situation, but just only one aspect of how we fulfill the very basic need to find out about something nowadays. These problems are not entirely new, as Robert Darnton proves through his rigorous historical research, finding different moments in the past when the information retrieval systems became important in the way they are now. "Power" is also a direct consequence of the ownership of information ranking and sorting systems. So the "reranking" idea formulated by Bernhard Rieder (the ability to independently make a different ranking) could be both pragmatic and potentially subversive. Because, as the editors say, "what cannot be found does not exist."

QWWERTY --- 9:07:18 8.3.2010
QWWERTY: ... teď sem si všiml data článku, takže sry všem který to berou jako všeobecně námou věc ...
QWWERTY --- 1:03:11 8.3.2010

neuronová síť vypěstovaná z potkana "hraje" F22 O_o

sem zvědavej jak dlouho bude trvat přidělání užitečnýho interfacu k lidskýmu mozku
OVERDRIVE --- 17:25:29 5.3.2010
The Danish Pavilion in Expo 2010 Shanghai is a loop, a velodrom and an interactive fairytale

BIG, 2+1 and ARUP relaunch the bike as a modern and sustainable urban alternative to the increasing car traffic in Shanghai.The pavilion’s 1500 city bikes are offered for general use to the visitors during EXPO 2010. After the World Expo, it can be moved and relocated for example in People’s Park - as a transferium for the bikes of Shanghai. The building is a loop, housing the exhibition “wellfairytales” in a linear sequence.

Niels Lund Petersen, associate and project leader at BIG says: "The Danish pavilion should not only exhibit the Danish virtues. Through interaction, the visitors are able to actually experience some of Copenhagen’s best attractions – the city bike, the harbor bath, the nature playground and an ecological picnic”

Both Shanghai and Copenhagen are harbor cities. But in Denmark the polluted harbor activities have been replaced by harbor parks and cultural institutions, and the water is so pure that you can swim in it. In the heart of the pavillion you find the Mermaid pool, which is filled with sea water from Copenhagen’s harbor, brought to Shanghai on a tanker.

vic: http://www.e-architect.co.uk/shanghai/shanghai_expo_danish_pavilion.htm



* Expo : key opportunity to enhance UK-China partnership through Arts, Education, Culture, Business, Science and Climate Change

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office today reveals updated designs for the UK pavilion that will represent this country at Shanghai Expo 2010; its theme being 'Better City, Better Life'. Developed by one of the UK's leading creative talents - Thomas Heatherwick - the UK pavilion will provide a dramatic demonstration of creativity and innovation in the UK.

The centrepiece of the UK's offering is the extraordinary pavilion building - a six storey high object formed from some 60,000 slender transparent rods, which will extend from the structure and quiver in the breeze. During the day, each of these 7.5m long rods will act like fibre optic filaments, drawing on daylight to illuminate the interior, thereby creating a contemplative awe-inspiring space. At night, light sources at the interior end of each rod will allow the whole structure to glow. The pavilion will sit on a landscape looking like paper that once wrapped the building and that now lies unfolded on the site. The landscape provides an open space for public events and shelter for visitors making their way into the pavilion structure.

vic: http://www.e-architect.co.uk/shanghai/shanghai_expo_building.htm