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Tieto Czech

Diskuze zaměstanců i nezaměstnanců této velké prosperující firmy z ocelového srdce republiky

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ETERNITY --- 11:25:44 1.2.2017
SICKBOY4000 --- 9:21:49 1.2.2017
ETERNITY --- 18:57:09 6.1.2017
SICKBOY4000: rano by melo energy do konce mesice rozdavat energitaky zdarma (s popisem, jak se distribuuje energie k zakaznikovi). Dva jsem jim sebrala z krabice a nastinila tak audienci, jak funguje cerny odber z Privozu.
SICKBOY4000 --- 17:22:12 6.1.2017
ja ne, jsem uplne bez energie...
ETERNITY --- 16:41:39 5.1.2017
Kdo dneska slapal na kole v lobby?
Muj rekord 2.38 V
SICKBOY4000 --- 9:08:30 2.12.2016
Ovládají jej z Ostravy a vytápí finské město. Datacentrum Tieto - iDNES.cz
SICKBOY4000 --- 14:52:37 20.1.2015
SICKBOY4000 --- 14:50:30 15.1.2015
Digitalization provides all of us a big opportunity, but also calls for a revolutionary change in business models in most industries, with technology playing a central role in both the speed and magnitude of change. In order to serve you better and deliver superior customer experience, Tieto continues to modernize its services and renew its competences. This renewal includes our investments into Customer Experience Management, Industrial Internet, Lifecare, industry vertical IPRs, enterprise cloud, and industrialization of application and infrastructure services. We believe that the customer experience we deliver is the main driver of our future competitiveness.
The change involves significant renewal of our competencies needed for our future services and industrialization. We recruit new competencies and retrain existing employees to match the needs of new service areas. During 2015, we expect to add several hundred positions in new competence areas, a substantial amount of them in the Nordic countries. We also continue to expand our global delivery operations for IT services in the Czech Republic and India.
Digitalization of Tieto also unfortunately leads to certain existing roles becoming redundant. As announced earlier today, our personnel related reductions in 2015 are expected to take place primarily due to automation in Managed Services and changes in the way Application Management deliveries are conducted with greater standardization and off-shoring. This results in personnel reductions affecting potentially up to 500 positions in Finland and 340 in other countries, mainly in Sweden and the Czech Republic. The personnel reductions are expected to take place during 2015.
Customer work and ensuring high quality is our first priority at all times. Our actions are aimed to enhance your experience with Tieto and our ambition to become your preferred partner in digitalization.