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Promotéři metal/punk/grindcore/sludge a jinej dirty shiit
Pokud víš o kapele co potřebuje udělat koncert v ČR a sám jí koncert udělat nemůžeš či nechceš, tak to hoď sem a třeba se toho ujme někdo jinej jedná se hlavně o metal/punk underground

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
GRED --- 18:59:52 30.9.2015
Hi Friends!
here is Kevin of the band TRIGGER, we will touring this December again and
want to come to Czech Republic and Slovakia.
We are searching shows between 31.12. to 03.01. (Thursday - Sunday). I know
hard dates especially the 1st of January... Maybe you could help us out?
Our Needs are small as always, besides some vegan food, a warm sleeping
place and a bit money for gas and van.We will have a complete backline
consist of drums and bassboxes with us, other bands could also use this
backline. But other Bands would need their own Guitarboxes. We are open for
Club,Bar,Squat,Youth Centre,Practice Room and house shows!!
If you could arrange something for us please tell us the place where it
could happen. Thanks in advance, we are looking forward to any help we
could find!

Infos about Trigger

TRIGGER is playing „true drum´n´bass powerviolence“. Noise up to the
maximum. Blasts, trashing and D-Beat until the doctor comes. The lyrics are
a bitter reckoning with the society and its outgrowths. These are clear and
unequivocal words that match to the type of music. No compromise! For
Everybody who likes SPAZZ, YACÖPSAE und INSECT WARFARE...

Kevin - Drums, Enrico - Bass, Berto - Screaming





RAVENXHAVRAN --- 12:17:40 20.9.2015
Benefiční koncert na pomoc uprchlíkům
Ne 27.9. (20:00) - Ne 27.9. (22:30)
CR - Praha - Klub Buben

Zoufalá situace na hranicích potřebuje rychle jednání. Přijdte podpořit !!!

Výdělek bude použit na nákup hlavně léků a jídla. Autonomní sociální centrum Klinika následovně odveze na chotvatské hranice.
Benefiční koncert na pomoc uprchlíkům | Bandzone.cz
Benefiční koncert na pomoc uprchlíkům | Bandzone.cz
GRED --- 16:12:06 10.9.2015
How are you?
It's a long long time that we don't talk together! :)

It's Giacomo from Storm{O} here, do you remember me?
If not, below down here there are our first emails, since 2013. :D

So in the meanwhile, our new album was out, then sold out, so re-pressed by
Moment Of Collapse and then it went sold out again!
Check the streaming+review out on CVLT Nation:

We toured Europe and UK during last May and we're going to tour again in
We will be supporting our friends in Nero Di Marte, currently signed to
They have recently toured in North America supporting Gorguts and Origin also!
They are really cool.
Check them out here:
Nero di Marte
Press Kit - Nero di Marte

This is the tour plan:

T 5 Nov: | Lab. L'Isola, Bologna, Italy w/ Lentic Waters

F 6 Nov: | Basel, Switzerland

S 7 Nov: | Rock ‘n’ Fist Fest, Saint-Dizier, France

S 8 Nov: | Paris, France

M 9 Nov: | Gent, Belgium

T 10 Nov: | Amsterdam/Utrecht, Netherlands

W 11 Nov: | Oldenburg, Germany

T 12 Nov: | Kopi, Berlin, Germany

F 13 Nov: | Praha, Czech Rep.

S 14 Nov: | Wien, Austria

S 15 Nov: | Lubiana, Slovenia

Are you interested in booking us for a show in Praha on the 13th of November?
It would be great!

Just let me know,
Giacomo / Storm{O}
MIZZYCHAL --- 18:02:42 7.9.2015
WORMLUST and ÆVANGELIST are looking for gigs, anyone interested please contact: hafsteinn1@gmail.com
GRED --- 0:12:44 27.7.2015
Hi guys what's up?
This is Marco from My Own Voice, hardcore from Milan Italy.
I'm writing you because we will be on European tour in september 2015, to
present our upcoming new album "Sailing on".We are looking for a gig in the
South of Czech Republic on Tuesday September the 8th.
We play fast, in-your-face, old school hardcore, and we support a 100%
antifascist, DIY and politically involved lifestyle. This is our 5th
European tour. We are 4 people and all we need is some beer, place to sleep
and a few money for the gas.
Is it possible for you to help us organize a gig on that date in your area?
Our facebook page, where you can find links to music and videos and all
that stuff, is https://www.facebook.com/pages/my-own-voice-hc/266304637394
- our reverbnation page is reverbnation.com/myownvoice
You can get in touch on Facebook or to our e-mail address
Feel free to ask for any further information you should need.
Thank you so much in advance for any help you can give us!!
Take care
MIRA_KA --- 19:40:51 16.7.2015
hey dude how are ya doin? we are trying to book a tour with my other band and would like to ask you if you could help us play on the 1rst of Oktober?
here is a link to our music..
thanks a lot and greets

kdyby to někoho zajímalo, napište mi, předam kontakt.
KOHOUT --- 22:32:31 14.7.2015
GRED: Napsal sem kámošovi, chce je booknout v Jihlavě 25.9. Já sem tou dobou mimo Prahu, jinak bych je udělal, ještě napíšu pár lidem.
GRED --- 22:05:58 14.7.2015
nechcete nekdo udelat koncert Strafplanet z Grazu? https://strafplanet.bandcamp.com/
25. nebo 26. zari.. Je to fakt super, ale ja uz jeden koncert v zari delam a do druhyho se mi nechce..
kdyztak posta.
GRYFY --- 11:35:37 14.7.2015
cus hledaj konzik na 18 a 26.srpna, potřebujou spaní pro 6 lidí vegan jidlo, naky piti a nakej drobak na benzín