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Promotéři metal/punk/grindcore/sludge a jinej dirty shiit
Pokud víš o kapele co potřebuje udělat koncert v ČR a sám jí koncert udělat nemůžeš či nechceš, tak to hoď sem a třeba se toho ujme někdo jinej jedná se hlavně o metal/punk underground

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
VODKASATAN --- 20:09:58 31.3.2015
"We are really happy to welcome to our roster the speed thrash rock and roll band SPEEDTRAP from Finland.

Who has seen them live can testify they are one of the tightest and tasteful band in their genre!
They are coming out with two new releases on the finnish label Svart Records and they will hit the road in September.

We have dates available between the 10th and the 20th of September.

Could you be interested in having them?


Speedtrap - Powerdose

tohle je husty. dejte nekdo!
LYNCH --- 19:30:54 31.3.2015
Hell-o Punk Brothers & Sisters!
Here's marian from amsterdam based speed/metal/punk band DIESEL BREATH.
The reason that i write is that we are looking for some shows on the road (there and
back) to Pula. we are going there from amsterdam 'çouse we are
playing in Monte Paradiso Fest And on road back we will play in 07.08 in Sered/slovakia
so if it will be possible to help us with organizing concert/s in Your
city before or after 01.08 will be fucking great! If not maybe You know somebody who can help us ;o)

I think that best plan 4 us will be like that:

->> 29.07 - Linz/Ljubljana(?)
->> 30.07 - Koper/Postojna(?)
->> 31.07 - Pula(?)
->> 01.08 - Pula booked
->> 02.08 - Rijeka/Zagreb/Varazdin(?)
->> 03.08 - Zagreb/Kutina(?)
->> 04.08 - Pozega(?)
->> 05.08 - Osijek/somewhere on road to hungary
->> 06.08 - Budapest (?)
->> 07.08 - Sered/Slovakia booked
->> 08.08 - Sered/Slovakia
->> 09.08 - Brno/Bratislava(?)
->> 10.08 - Havlickuv Brod
->> 11.08 - Praha/Kladno(?)
->> 12.08 - Chomutov/Teplice(?)

but of course (almost;) everything we can change. If You have any
questions, doubts or just need more informations just drop us a line:


Anyway thx a lot for Your time and if You're interested what we singing
and how we play here's our musick & lierics:

-> http://dieselbreath.bandcamp.com
-> https://www.facebook.com/dieselbreathpunx

Cheers & Beers!
MIZZYCHAL --- 14:05:06 18.3.2015
I'm planning an euro tour for my band Sedna (post black metal, It) with Fleshworld ( post metal/hardcore, Pol) for august. We are booked at Rockstadt Extreme fest in Romany so we are searching some gigs on the way and on the way back. Can you help us? This is the plan:
8.08 - Austria/Cz
9.08 - Slovakia
10.08 - Hungary
11.08 - Hungary
12.08 - Rockstadt Extreme Fest, Brasov
13.08 - Serbia
14.08 - Croatia
sedna, facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Sedna.O
fleshworld, Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/fleshworld?fref=ts
GRYFY --- 6:48:37 12.3.2015
Dva melodický punkrocky nezněj špatně

I reeeaallly need help filling a tour date for DROPTHIS (http://dropthis.bandcamp.com) and The Burnt Tapes (http://burnttapes.bandcamp.com) for either Monday 25th or Tuesday 26th May.

Things are getting pretty desperate I've gotta be honest, if there's anything you could help us out with, or even if you can point us in the right direction, that would be pretty sensational.

Thanks so much for your time, rock on!

GRYFY --- 11:09:52 10.3.2015
občas nám choděj nabídky na různý podivnosti ale tohle mě dostalo :-)
Mac Sabbath "Pair-a-buns"
MIRA_KA --- 9:02:14 8.3.2015
i'm Nahuel from Argentina, i'm play AMOR FIZZ ( is my band)

We will be touring Europe in march and april
need help for a show in Berno/Prague or anywhere around in Czech Rep.
i need days for show Tuesday 14/04 and Wednesday 15/04

my organizer never responded and I need this show because it serves in the path of my tour.
can you helpme?? o tell me somebody who can help me?

please, contact me whatever the answer. :)
Sin Odio Indep. (sinodio.indep@gmail.com)
GRYFY --- 11:11:21 3.3.2015

NEED HELP! PLEASE SHARE! We're still looking for a few shows to fill in the gaps on our upcoming eurotour.
17.04 Le Havre (FR) tbc
21.04 Liberec (CZ)
23.04 Berlin (DE) @ Villa Kuriosum
24.04 Darmstadt (de) @ Oetinger Villa
25.04 Laval (FR) tbc

If you can help us with a show or you know someone who might, drop us an email : direwolveshc[@]gmail.com ! PLEASE SHARE !
KOHOUT --- 10:59:24 3.3.2015

this is Philipp writing, i got your contact from Franz / Sabotage...I'm helping to book a little tour in April for STATIC ME together with our good friends NAIVE and we'd really love to play in Prague.  We are still looking for shows between the 6th - 8th April. Do you think, you can help us out? I know, it's already pretty late and these are not the best dates, but evenmore would we be totally happy to be able to play. we don't need much. we're looking for a nice evening and to hang out with nice people in the first place. we gonna be travelling in one van. 8-9 people.

some infos about the bands.
Static Me have been active since 2012 and have released a LP on ADAGIO 830 so far. Dark, but melodic Post-Punk with female vocals. Comparissions to Terrible Feelings and White Lung have been made, but i think it's more 80s stuff like Skeletal Famliy, Penetration or Siouxie and the Banshees. Whatever. Here you can hear some songs:
Static Me
static me

Naive are a relatively band - also from cologne - formed out of the ruins of ZOSCH. Also dark, more wavey...also melodic Punk. I find it hard to describe, maybe just check them out yourself:

Would be nice to hear back from you!!!

Thanks & all the best
LYNCH --- 11:44:34 22.2.2015
12.března čtvrtek.mají sebou full backline.je to hodně dobrý Finsko
Arson Under the Sea
GRYFY --- 10:08:40 20.2.2015
zněj dobře akorát my máme v březnu už celkem narváno tak kdyby někdo chtěl
psal mi to týpek přes facebook tenhle: https://www.facebook.com/aAlmaSisuN?fref=ts

It's Attila from Wasted Youth Booking, I am trying book a tour for Faminehill (HUN).
They are full DIY band from Hungary, Our conditions are low, little vegetarian food, a place to
sleep (floor is okey too) & doordeal. They've got a full backline, what can share with local band(s).
It's 6 people on the road.

Details about the band:
Melodic Hardcore
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/faminehill
Bandcamp: http://faminehill.bandcamp.com/

Check out the dates:
12nd March: Czech Rep
All Best,