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Promotéři metal/punk/grindcore/sludge a jinej dirty shiit
Pokud víš o kapele co potřebuje udělat koncert v ČR a sám jí koncert udělat nemůžeš či nechceš, tak to hoď sem a třeba se toho ujme někdo jinej jedná se hlavně o metal/punk underground

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
LYNCH --- 11:44:34 22.2.2015
12.března čtvrtek.mají sebou full backline.je to hodně dobrý Finsko
Arson Under the Sea
GRYFY --- 10:08:40 20.2.2015
zněj dobře akorát my máme v březnu už celkem narváno tak kdyby někdo chtěl
psal mi to týpek přes facebook tenhle: https://www.facebook.com/aAlmaSisuN?fref=ts

It's Attila from Wasted Youth Booking, I am trying book a tour for Faminehill (HUN).
They are full DIY band from Hungary, Our conditions are low, little vegetarian food, a place to
sleep (floor is okey too) & doordeal. They've got a full backline, what can share with local band(s).
It's 6 people on the road.

Details about the band:
Melodic Hardcore
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/faminehill
Bandcamp: http://faminehill.bandcamp.com/

Check out the dates:
12nd March: Czech Rep
All Best,
VODKASATAN --- 21:51:41 13.2.2015
VODKASATAN: az ted' ctu ten mail, a uvedomuju si, ze ten muj komentar pod tim je
absolutne zbytencnej, hehe
VODKASATAN --- 21:49:14 13.2.2015
"Hi. How are you?
Here it is Ricky of Swamp Booking.
We are glad to welcome to our roster the swedish bluesy hard rock band VIDUNDER.
The band has got a new album coming on Crusher Records (Spiders, Blues Pills, Horisont, Hypnos) and their music can just as easily bring to mind the past days of Captain Beyond or Blue Cheer, as for today’s always topical and compatriots in Graveyard.

They will be on tour in June to support their new album out in april
Could you be interested in having them?

We are looking for an exclusive show on:

saturday 13th of june



sice tuctovej, ale celkem povedenej svedskej blueslej retro hard ala Graveyard. loni na hddt velice gut. ja bych na to sel.
GRED --- 21:00:07 4.2.2015
a dal...

hi I'm Alex and I front the hardcore / punk band Council of Rats, I got
your contact through common friends, guys in stormO we are currently
setting up a small tour between february and march 2015, we have a record
out on Adagio830. could you help us out? this is what we got so far: 26 feb
need help 27 feb BERLIN 28 LEIPZIEG 1 mar need help 2 mar VIENNA 3 mar
we are four people, vegetarian food is ok, we carry a partial backline and
ask for a place to sleep and gas money. It would be very useful if you
could reply to this mail thanks in advance
https://councilofrats.bandcamp.com/ alex
MICUDA --- 10:46:35 3.2.2015
nechcete nekdo udelat tohle? me to nebavi
Hey guys. I was told to get in touch. I have The Great Sabatini coming from Canada and they need Monday April 14th. Their last album was album of the day over at Roadburn.com not too long ago and this is their second time coming over. Give the music a listen and let me know if you or someone you know can help with this. It’s sludge/doom/noiserock
I would need 200€, vegan food for 5 and pet free accommodations.

The Great Sabatini - Guest of Honour

GRYFY --- 10:09:20 8.1.2015
Čau psali mi němci takovej popík trochu kdyby měl někdo zájem 16.března, psali mi přes facebook ale mej by měl bejt the.deadnotes@web.de

Hey Hey,

I'm Darius from the deadnotes, Punk/Indie band based in Freiburg, Southern Germany.

We just played quite a few tours over the UK and mainland Europe last year, now we currently plan another 3 week tour in March and here I'm still looking for one very last show in the Czech Republic on Monday the 16h of March. So I wanted to ask if you're maybe able to help out with a show in Liberec on that day. That area fits perfectly on our route and we'd be really glad to have that gap finally filled.

Huge thanks for your support! Cheers, Darius

www.facebook.com/thedeadnotesofficial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2IfX-8uV68
MIRA_KA --- 12:02:07 10.12.2014
pomůžete jim někdo?

i play bass in the german hc/punk band FINAL EFFORT.
i want to try to plan a weekender with LONE WOLF. so we (FINAL EFFORT and LONE WOLF) are searching for shows at

27.02.2015 (CZ or PL??)
28.02.2015 (Warsaw)
01.03.2015 (Pilsen)

can you help us out?? it would be great, if we have the chance to play in your venue.
or do you have other contacts for me?

please just listen:
FINAL EFFORT: www.facebook.com/finaleffort
Final Effort - Moonlight Kids OFFICIAL VIDEO

LONE WOLF: https://www.facebook.com/LoneWolfHC?fref=ts

KOHOUT --- 18:44:49 8.12.2014
ahoj. pisou mi kamaradi z nemecka ze by potrebovali pomoct s gigem 25.1. v Pze..nechce te se toho ujmout? pojedou z Vidne zase domu..kapela se jmenuje Abest..je to takova kolize ambientu atmosferickeho blacku a crustu..
MIRA_KA --- 15:51:43 8.12.2014
6. dubna dělam koncert Diagnosis? Bastard! https://diagnosisbastard.bandcamp.com/track/mistakes-mistakes-mistakes a Pyramido http://pyramido.bandcamp.com/album/saga v Café Na půl cesty.