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Promotéři metal/punk/grindcore/sludge a jinej dirty shiit
Pokud víš o kapele co potřebuje udělat koncert v ČR a sám jí koncert udělat nemůžeš či nechceš, tak to hoď sem a třeba se toho ujme někdo jinej jedná se hlavně o metal/punk underground

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
MIRA_KA --- 12:02:07 10.12.2014
pomůžete jim někdo?

i play bass in the german hc/punk band FINAL EFFORT.
i want to try to plan a weekender with LONE WOLF. so we (FINAL EFFORT and LONE WOLF) are searching for shows at

27.02.2015 (CZ or PL??)
28.02.2015 (Warsaw)
01.03.2015 (Pilsen)

can you help us out?? it would be great, if we have the chance to play in your venue.
or do you have other contacts for me?

please just listen:
FINAL EFFORT: www.facebook.com/finaleffort
Final Effort - Moonlight Kids OFFICIAL VIDEO

LONE WOLF: https://www.facebook.com/LoneWolfHC?fref=ts

KOHOUT --- 18:44:49 8.12.2014
ahoj. pisou mi kamaradi z nemecka ze by potrebovali pomoct s gigem 25.1. v Pze..nechce te se toho ujmout? pojedou z Vidne zase domu..kapela se jmenuje Abest..je to takova kolize ambientu atmosferickeho blacku a crustu..
MIRA_KA --- 15:51:43 8.12.2014
6. dubna dělam koncert Diagnosis? Bastard! https://diagnosisbastard.bandcamp.com/track/mistakes-mistakes-mistakes a Pyramido http://pyramido.bandcamp.com/album/saga v Café Na půl cesty.
MIZZYCHAL --- 13:01:55 5.12.2014
Teď mi psali Electric Taurus a Black Gremlin, že by měli zájem o koncert v pátek 13. února v ČR.
Kdyby se někomu chtělo jim udělat gig, klidně předám kontakt.

Electric Taurus formed in 2010 as a recording project by Matt. After numerous lineup changes, the final lineup was completed with James Lynch and Mauro Frison.
In May 2012, Electric Taurus was offered a record deal for their first album by Italian indie label Moonlight Records. The album Veneralia was recorded in July and will be released mid-October. Since then, a split has been released with Italian instrumentalists Prehistoric Pigs through GoDown records released in 12" vinyl format on june 20th 2014.
The band has played almost 100 shows around Ireland, italy and UK.
They shared the stage with bands such Ereb Altor, Black magician, Karma to Burn, Spirit Caravan, Primordial and Mourning Beloveth,building a strong following in the stoner/doom underground.
FOR FANS OF: Black Sabbath, Buffalo, Grand Funk Railroad, Kyuss, Leafhound

Electric Taurus

Black Gremlin is an Italian rock band, officially formed in 2013.
It all started when the 4 friends – already playing in other bands such as “Shinin' Shade” “Caronte” and “Calendula” - felt the need to create something that would simply scream rock n roll in its purest form.
They started jamming together and decided to put down some of the ideas they were having while rockin' hard in their garage. Once the songs had been written, all they needed was the right producer who could help them with their mind-blowing plan. They contacted Carlo Izzo, the trusted sound engineer who had worked with them on many of their previous projects.
7 tracks were selected and recorded at the “Elf Studio” in Piacenza( Italy) at the end of 2013. The tracks in “Rock and Raw” were recorded live in just one day, using an 8 track reel to reel tape recorder. The whole album is a pure - no nonsense – hard rock wonder. The sound of the band is captured live in all its raw power and the 7 tracks unravel in the glory of the wildest riffs and the angriest solos.
“Rock And Raw” is RAW indeed. Sweat and attitude are served on a daily bases, and the listener gets to be taken hostage by the insane pace of the drums along with the heavy bass and the two incredibly fuzzed and distorted guitars.
This album begs to be played at high volume, feeling like the soundtrack from a post-apocalyptic movie, while the lyrics tell us the tales of a thousand battles which are taking place in a role-playing virgin-scaring b-movie.
The record will be available on May 14 /2014 on cd and tape, while the vinyl version is due to come out in June."
FOR FANS OF: Fu Manchu, Valient Thorr, Black Rainbows, Sasquatch, ASG, Zeke , Hellacopters.

Black Gremlin - Rock and Raw | Retro Vox Records
MIRA_KA --- 12:10:03 27.11.2014
JEAGER666: on ten koncert dělá 16.
JEAGER666 --- 11:52:01 27.11.2014
MIRA_KA: Viktor
MIRA_KA --- 11:51:05 27.11.2014
JEAGER666: nejde to, jsou na turné, potřebujou tohle, ale třeba by si mohli zahrát s chujovinou ve Vopici? kdo to pořádá?
JEAGER666 --- 11:17:49 27.11.2014
MIRA_KA: 15/12 dělaj nějakou chujovinu ve vopici.. zkuste posunout datum hm?
MIRA_KA --- 23:25:41 26.11.2014
KOHOUT: tak jo, jdu do toho, zbytek Pošta.
KOHOUT --- 22:34:46 26.11.2014
MIRA_KA: nevim o ničem ale klidně ti pomůžu