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Promotéři metal/punk/grindcore/sludge a jinej dirty shiit
Pokud víš o kapele co potřebuje udělat koncert v ČR a sám jí koncert udělat nemůžeš či nechceš, tak to hoď sem a třeba se toho ujme někdo jinej jedná se hlavně o metal/punk underground

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
LYNCH --- 7:38:33 18.8.2014
VODKASATAN: vemu si úvěr a udělám to ve Slavo na návsi
VODKASATAN --- 18:02:16 16.8.2014
GULDUR: mel jim misto toho dat nejakej speed nebo tak neco :D
GULDUR --- 16:03:24 16.8.2014
VODKASATAN: taky mi to ráno přišlo, ale Ondra minule riskoval nějakejch 1500 - 2000 Eur a i když to dopadlo relativně slušně, tak v tom stejně asi 10, 12 zahučel, takže já přijdu jako divák...
KOHOUT --- 15:35:47 16.8.2014
VODKASATAN: je to v termínu kdy tu budu dělat Nekrofilth a Repuked, takže na to jebu a VY TAKY!!! :D
VODKASATAN --- 12:04:07 16.8.2014
no tak se predved'te, muahahah

"Dear promoters,

Killtown Bookings is proud to present the follow up tour to last year´s "Thunder Metal Tour" - "EVIL ALWAYS RETURNS TOUR" featuring NIFELHEIM (swe) / VULCANO (bra) / WAR-HEAD (cr)!

The tour will take place from 3rd to 19th of October 2014 and will hit a number of festivals across Europe such as Live Evil fest in London, Krater Festival in Oslo and Huskvarna Rock and Art Weekend in Huskvarna, Sweden.

The date(s) available for your area is;

Travel party will be 16 people. We will be traveling with a full backline, but will need accommodation, catering and rider etc.

Please send me your offer if you are interested.

Looking forward to hearing back from you!
Daniel A//E
Killtown Bookings"
MIRA_KA --- 13:43:29 14.8.2014
Kdyby to někoho zajímalo, ozvali se mi Freedumb z Norska, že by si rádi zahráli v Praze. nemají zatim vyjasněný, kdy přesně, lze to domluvit nějak operativně, spíš je zajímá, jestli je zájem a když, kontaktujte je:

Freedumb - "Troublesome Twosome" Chimney Records

Freedumb - "Weekender" Tonehjulet Kräftpest

KOHOUT --- 20:27:48 31.7.2014
hele napište mi do pošty akce co děláte, jebnu to sem na nástěnku
GRED --- 20:57:07 28.7.2014
Hello there!
How are you? This is Vasilis from Athens, GR.
I' m sending you this email 'cause we're interested in playing a show in
Prague, on THU 20, November.
We' re two greek DIY bands, Lifewreck from Athens (
https://lifewreck.bandcamp.com/music/) playing powerviolence
hc punk, and Dirty Wombs from Patras playing japanese hc punk / rock n roll
stuff (http://dirtywombs.bandcamp.com).We 'll be 9 persons,
with full backline, and just need the basics (place to crash, a plate of
food, and gas money)!
I know its still early but this show is gonna be part of a 15 day tour so
we need to sort everything out as early as we can. Please let us know if
you can help with this, if not give us a contact of someone else who can :)
Hope all is well and take care!
MIRA_KA --- 20:54:00 25.7.2014
THOU / Festivals 2015

Dear promoters,

Within a genre that prides itself on theatricality, Thou’s lack of pretension and their commitment to the DIY world from where they came is refreshing. The band refuses to hide behind elaborate stage shows or tour laminates, releases boatloads of new material every year, and still prefers to pile into their beat-up red van and play all-ages DIY spaces. They hail from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but could seemingly care less about fulfilling anyone else’s “Southern sludge” stereotypes. Basically, Thou have always been Thou, and their stellar new album, Heathen is a portrait of a band that is in complete harmony with itself, if not the world it inhabits.

New album stream : http://thou.bandcamp.com/album/heathen

Before we decide the exact tour period I'm gauging feedback from festivals. That's my main goal for now. Please, get back to me with your ideas and let me know if they'd be of interest to your festival or club.


Charly Lurat

BLIND --- 16:30:10 9.7.2014
Hi everybody !
STRONG AS TEN (fast HxC from France) is looking for shows :
- 11/07 : help needed (between Metz and Czech Republik)
- 12/07 : Play Fast or Don't fest (Hradec Kralove)
- 13/07 : help needed (between Czech Rep. and Metz).
If you can help, drop me few lines ! Any help would be fully appreciated !

Strong As Ten Test Pressing