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Promotéři metal/punk/grindcore/sludge a jinej dirty shiit
Pokud víš o kapele co potřebuje udělat koncert v ČR a sám jí koncert udělat nemůžeš či nechceš, tak to hoď sem a třeba se toho ujme někdo jinej jedná se hlavně o metal/punk underground

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
KOHOUT --- 20:27:48 31.7.2014
hele napište mi do pošty akce co děláte, jebnu to sem na nástěnku
GRED --- 20:57:07 28.7.2014
Hello there!
How are you? This is Vasilis from Athens, GR.
I' m sending you this email 'cause we're interested in playing a show in
Prague, on THU 20, November.
We' re two greek DIY bands, Lifewreck from Athens (
https://lifewreck.bandcamp.com/music/) playing powerviolence
hc punk, and Dirty Wombs from Patras playing japanese hc punk / rock n roll
stuff (http://dirtywombs.bandcamp.com).We 'll be 9 persons,
with full backline, and just need the basics (place to crash, a plate of
food, and gas money)!
I know its still early but this show is gonna be part of a 15 day tour so
we need to sort everything out as early as we can. Please let us know if
you can help with this, if not give us a contact of someone else who can :)
Hope all is well and take care!
MIRA_KA --- 20:54:00 25.7.2014
THOU / Festivals 2015

Dear promoters,

Within a genre that prides itself on theatricality, Thou’s lack of pretension and their commitment to the DIY world from where they came is refreshing. The band refuses to hide behind elaborate stage shows or tour laminates, releases boatloads of new material every year, and still prefers to pile into their beat-up red van and play all-ages DIY spaces. They hail from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but could seemingly care less about fulfilling anyone else’s “Southern sludge” stereotypes. Basically, Thou have always been Thou, and their stellar new album, Heathen is a portrait of a band that is in complete harmony with itself, if not the world it inhabits.

New album stream : http://thou.bandcamp.com/album/heathen

Before we decide the exact tour period I'm gauging feedback from festivals. That's my main goal for now. Please, get back to me with your ideas and let me know if they'd be of interest to your festival or club.


Charly Lurat

BLIND --- 16:30:10 9.7.2014
Hi everybody !
STRONG AS TEN (fast HxC from France) is looking for shows :
- 11/07 : help needed (between Metz and Czech Republik)
- 12/07 : Play Fast or Don't fest (Hradec Kralove)
- 13/07 : help needed (between Czech Rep. and Metz).
If you can help, drop me few lines ! Any help would be fully appreciated !

Strong As Ten Test Pressing
KOHOUT --- 14:06:34 8.7.2014
Hi everybody!
We are really pleased to announce that another really good band joined our roster and that they will tour Europe in november for the first time
The band is called THE GOLDEN GRASS and they set their new album on SVART RECORDS
The sound is an amazing and groovy mix of heavy early 70s rock, psychedelia and boogie.
Available from 13th to 30th of november
could you be interested in having them?
GULDUR --- 16:54:30 7.7.2014
KOHOUT: ty jo, ty já zbožňuju...ale máme už Mitochondrion a Hell Militia na podzim, tak se mi do dalších koncertů už nechce...obávám se, že to bude drahý a moc lidí nedorazí...já bych třeba ale dorazil :))
KOHOUT --- 11:56:04 7.7.2014
hi. how are you?
here it is ricky of swamp booking
the doom metal duo WOLVSERPENT will tour in october 2014 to present one of the most interesting albumin this genre lately: http://www.relapse.com/perigaea-lp-purple.html

they will tour europe in september - october 2014 and we are looking for an exclusive show in czech republic on saturday 18th of october

would you be interested in having them?

hope to hear from you
all the best
KOHOUT --- 11:41:47 7.7.2014
LYNCH: Sick/Tired zněj skvěle!! Mail poslán (:
LYNCH --- 9:03:13 7.7.2014

22.října jedinej gig v ČR
please contact dirk@doomstarbookings.com

Sick/Tired (vs, A389 records featuring members of Weekend Nachos and MK Ultra)
Unloading a punishing brand of low-fi grindcore with rabid hardcore and punk influences, SICK/TIRED was founded in 2008, formed by ex-members of modern brutality specialists Weekend Nachos and ‘90s powerviolence/thrashcore activists MK Ultra. To date they have released multiple records on labels including Profane Existence, To Live a Lie, Cowabunga Records and others. In 2011, they parted ways with their original vocalist and added A. Jennings from Winters in Osaka, the lineup currently rounded out by bassist Kirk Syrek, guitarist Ben Gonzalez, and drummer Adam Tomlinson. This lineup shift resulted in their most intense material to date, exemplified in a review by Grind And Punishment, who described SICK/TIRED’s May 2013-released King of Dirt LP as, “boldly striding face first into a tornado of glass shards. It’s a maelstrom of whirling slivers intent on rending your flesh, a vortex of unremitting insanity… This is simply one of the best records I’ve heard in years. It’s absolutely everything you can ask for in a grind album.” Just behind the LP the band also disbursed their most recent recordings with the Manufactured 7” which just hit in September.
Now a part of the A389 tribe, SICK/TIRED will culminate their most unhinged, by-the-throat works to date, planning to record a new LP for the label for release in the Summer of 2014.
Influences/similair: infest, Blood I Bleed, Magrudergrind

Corrupt Moral Altar (uk, season of mist featuring members of Malevolent Creation and Venomous Concept)
Influences: Napalm Death, Nails, Extreme Noise Terror, Iron Monkey, Cursed
Later this year they will released their debut album which features Jeff Walker (carcass) and Mitch Harris (napalm death).

MIRA_KA --- 13:48:12 24.6.2014
přijedou rádi i za doordeal.

Hello, here is michael from a german band called "...IS DODELIJK". We play fast and angry hardcore/punk and we're based in Nürnberg. We will go on tour with our friends "KICK IT!" from 29.10.2014 until 2.11.2014! "KICK IT!" play 77er hardcore/punk and they're based in Frankfurt. We will try to play in Martin(Slovakia) on 31.10. and now we're searching for a show in you're area for saturday, 1th of november! We come with 8 bandmembers and one tourbus driver. We will bring the whole backline with us. (drums, bassbox and guitarbox) All other bands can use our stuff if they want. We need sleeping places, 130€-150€ refund for covering transportation cost and if it's possible some vegan food and drinks would be a pleasure for us. Here you can listen to our music: ...IS DODELIJK: http://isdodelijk.bandcamp.com/ KICK IT!: http://kick-it.bandcamp.com/ I really hope to hear from you soon guys and thank you so much for your time. best wishes Michael / ...IS DODELIJK
Split 7" with Face The Threat, by ...IS DODELIJK