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Promotéři metal/punk/grindcore/sludge a jinej dirty shiit
Pokud víš o kapele co potřebuje udělat koncert v ČR a sám jí koncert udělat nemůžeš či nechceš, tak to hoď sem a třeba se toho ujme někdo jinej jedná se hlavně o metal/punk underground

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MIRA_KA --- 13:48:12 24.6.2014
přijedou rádi i za doordeal.

Hello, here is michael from a german band called "...IS DODELIJK". We play fast and angry hardcore/punk and we're based in Nürnberg. We will go on tour with our friends "KICK IT!" from 29.10.2014 until 2.11.2014! "KICK IT!" play 77er hardcore/punk and they're based in Frankfurt. We will try to play in Martin(Slovakia) on 31.10. and now we're searching for a show in you're area for saturday, 1th of november! We come with 8 bandmembers and one tourbus driver. We will bring the whole backline with us. (drums, bassbox and guitarbox) All other bands can use our stuff if they want. We need sleeping places, 130€-150€ refund for covering transportation cost and if it's possible some vegan food and drinks would be a pleasure for us. Here you can listen to our music: ...IS DODELIJK: http://isdodelijk.bandcamp.com/ KICK IT!: http://kick-it.bandcamp.com/ I really hope to hear from you soon guys and thank you so much for your time. best wishes Michael / ...IS DODELIJK
Split 7" with Face The Threat, by ...IS DODELIJK

KOHOUT --- 23:08:19 22.6.2014
My name is Daniel and I play in a sludgemetal/hardcore band called SIBERIAN, from Sweden. I´ve noticed that you arrange gigs in Prague, so I thought I'll give it a try and write to you.
We are currently booking a european tour for this fall, and our plan and wish is to play in Prague on the 6th of September! And we´ve got a show in Ostrava on the 7th, so it would mean the world to us if you are interested in setting us up with a show!

The tour will be in promotion of our upcoming album, until then you can listen to our single here: http://youtu.be/GGW2ImC69GM

Let me know if it sounds interesting!
All the best
TLOUDEV --- 22:00:55 30.5.2014
Subject: Miles&Feet August Tour 2014


It's Tobi from Miles&Feet (Leipzig Germany)


We'll be on tour with December Youth from Düsseldorf (GER)


between august 15th and 23th in Germany, Czechia, Poland, Netherlands,
Austria, France and Belgium. Now we're looking for shows in this time and
hope that you can help us?

We just need an accommodation for 10 person, some vegan food and some money
for gas for our band package.

It would be nice if you can give us a chance to get a show on these dates:

august 15th
august 16th
august 17th
august 18th
august 19th
august 20th
august 21th

Hope to get some response


Best regards!

Tobi and Miles&Feet
LYNCH --- 12:17:23 30.5.2014
GULDUR: 8.září což je den předtím je v Práglu Cryptopsy a Disdžordž
LYNCH --- 15:31:52 28.5.2014
GULDUR: udělejte je!
YORAKETER --- 20:30:53 27.5.2014
nechcete udělat někdo Hard Charger? Já jedu pryč nakonec... 10.7. Praha. .. ? více osobne. dik
BLIND --- 17:33:10 26.5.2014
searching gigs for Türbokrieg/Lycanthrophy in Germany, help if you can!

TÜRBOKRIEG (USA grind/thrash) / LYCANTHROPHY mini tour July 2014
11.-12.7.Play fast or dont (only Turbokrieg)
13.7. Prague, Modrá Vopice (+The Kill, Final Exit - TBD)
14.7.Germany Berlin/Magdeburg/Leipzig etc. Need help!
15.7.GER/CZ Need help!
16.-19.7. OEF (only Turbokrieg)
BID --- 12:22:06 24.5.2014
VODKASATAN: jo, dirty fences jsou dobry...hrali nejak v zime v cafe v lese..
VODKASATAN --- 16:38:22 23.5.2014
"hi. how are you?

here it s ricky of swamp booking Dirty Fences are coming back to Europe this summer after a split with the californian shredders THE SHRINE and tours in the states with White Mystery, Lecherous Gaze and Nancy.

they have been invited to play different festivals in Europe this summer but they will do also some club shows

dates available are JULY 2014

SUNDAY 6th of july
would this interest you?"




Dirty Fences Under Your Leather

Music | Dirty Fences
GULDUR --- 12:09:47 23.5.2014
VODKASATAN: ono to vypadá, myslim, že snad Ondra říkal něco 160...ale jestli tě kapely stojí 2000 Eur + náklady kolem, tak to asi není pořád žádná velká výhra...