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Promotéři metal/punk/grindcore/sludge a jinej dirty shiit
Pokud víš o kapele co potřebuje udělat koncert v ČR a sám jí koncert udělat nemůžeš či nechceš, tak to hoď sem a třeba se toho ujme někdo jinej jedná se hlavně o metal/punk underground

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
OLGA73 --- 10:20:20 22.5.2017
Anglické fastcorové tornádo Nothing Clean https://nothingclean.bandcamp.com/ shání koncert na neděli 25 června 2017 po cestě z Berlína do Vídně.
PREMIUBOY666 --- 11:57:33 11.5.2017
..kdyby nekdo mel zajem, tak nam pristalo v poste toto...

from Dresden, Germany and going to make a tour with our friends from Mole
from Berlin in the beginning of June. For that, we still have some days
off and looking for shows from the 6th to 8th of June. Unfortunately
almost all of our shows which were already confirmed during the week got
canceled, so we really need help. That�s our schedule �till now:
3.6. Wiesbaden
4.6. Freiburg
5.6. Giessen
6.6. ?
7.6. ?
8.6. ?
9.6. Nürnberg
10.6. Weimar

It would be great if you could response and help us with that.

Greetings Michel

Here is some stuff for listening:

demo | OCASO
demø | MOLE
LOSPEPAJZOS --- 16:54:33 19.4.2017
Hi, Repressione is a 4 guys antifa/antiracist/antimachist band from Bologna, Italia. Play a mix of crust/fastcore/hardcore. They are planning a tour for 2017 fall. End October/First November. They are searchin gig for 30/31 october and 1 november in slovakia and or czech rep.
Ask for place to sleep, some food and some money for gasoline. They will bring an head+box guitar + a basic drum as backline.

KOHOUT --- 0:08:02 6.3.2017
VODKASATAN: psal jsem Danielovi, tak uvidime. Zas pride 12 platicich.
GRED --- 9:41:41 4.3.2017
Hey there,

here's Kurt from FEMME KRAWALL.
I got your contact from Nils of DERBE LEBOWSKI and was wondering if you
maybe know any contact of a concert-group/person who is interested in
organizing a show with us in Prague on April 14th ( it's a friday)??
I know, it's not that much time left, but if you have any idea feel free to
write, we would really appreciate it! :)
Would be great to hear from you soon,

Kurt // FK

Music: http://femmekrawall.bandcamp.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/femmekrawall
VODKASATAN --- 21:36:52 3.3.2017
tak co ty FUNEBRARUM v Phe 23.5? berete nekdo? (doufam)

Funebrarum - Tombs Of Sleeping Darkness

GRED --- 17:29:11 19.2.2017
Hi! I´m Borys and Igor from Suicidebycop recommended to write to You. We are planning mini tour with Glamour and our friends from Braineater. Can You help us with gig? We are planning to be in Prague 9th May. We would have own backline (basic drums stuff, guitar head, bass head)
Braineater: braineater.bandcamp.com
Glamour: glamourpunx.bandcamp.com
Can You help us? Cheers! Borys
DRSH --- 19:34:34 6.2.2017
Hey there,

I have a show booked in Vienna for ASH BORER (us) and VANUM (us) for their forthcoming tour in April/May 2017 that clashes with the just announced Wolves in the Throne Room tour... So now Im looking for an alternative since it wont work having both shows in Vienna on the same night.

Would you bew able to book a show for them?

The date Im looking for is TUESDAY 18TH MAY 2017.

Travel party will be 9 people and we will travel with a full backline.

Hope you are up for it!

Cheers and looking forward to hearing back from you
Daniel A//E

YORAKETER --- 11:43:01 30.1.2017

Bundolo and Småstadsliv, two hardcore punk bands from finland
are touring northern europe in July 2017. We would like to play a show in Praha on Tuesday 18.7. Would you be interested in setting us up?

Bundolo and Småstadsliv both play short hardcore punk songs with
themes such as diy, queer, veganism, freedom of movement,
anarchy, animal rights etc., with a fast tempo and sweaty delivery.

If this can't be done, maybe you could put us in touch with other
organizers in the Praha-Krakow-Wien area? It would help us a lot!

We travel in a van with a full back line (no PA), that other
bands at the show are welcome to use. We would need vegan food and a
place to sleep for 9 persons, and some gas money to get to the next
show. Nothing much. Thanks!!

Jösse / Bundolo


Full live show from two years ago:
Bundolo live in Helsinki full show
KOVOUN --- 1:18:37 2.12.2016
Kámoši sháněji nějakou kapelku na koncert 22.12 do klubovny povaleč, měla by tam hrát Noise Punková kapela z USA(bordel a tisíce krabiček), název jsem z nich zatim nedostal.
Kdyby jste měl někdo zájem nebo by si chtěl kdokoliv zahrát tak kdyžtak do pošty.