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Cosmos In Brief - Aktualní novinky vesmírného výzkumu v kostce
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VIRGO --- 4:29:46 30.7.2015
Sol 1032 MAHLI Image: The Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) is a focusable color camera located on the turret
at the end of the MSL robotic arm. The instrument acquires images of up to 1600 by 1200 pixels with a color
quality equivalent to that of consumer digital cameras.
MSL Science Corner: Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI)

VIRGO --- 3:18:05 30.7.2015
The shock wave captured as Mount Tavurvur erupted in Papua New Guinea last Aug. 29, 2014.
Shock waves are types of #disturbances moving faster than the #speed of #sound. Like an ordinary wave, a shock wave carries #energy,
and can propagate through a medium. It is characterized by an abrupt, nearly discontinuous change in pressure, temperature and density
of the medium. The energy of a shock wave dissipates relatively quickly with distance. Shock waves can travel through any medium,
including solids, liquids, gasses, and plasmas. In this case, seeing the #supersonic burst released by the volcano into
the air followed by the sonic boom and dispersion of energy.

VIRGO --- 3:11:56 30.7.2015
A full circle rainbow appears during a one-year wedding anniversary. Brittany Wilson caught this gem over Kauai, Hawaii.

VIRGO --- 2:35:46 30.7.2015
SLAPPY: Výtečné. Včera publikované "rýhy" na Tethys taky moc zajímavé.
Úžasná doba průzkumu menších těles sluneční soustavy!
SLAPPY --- 2:26:35 30.7.2015
VIRGO --- 20:36:25 29.7.2015
Exhibition brings to light work of MI1(b) and Room 40, latter of which helped bring US into Great War after deciphering Zimmerman telegram
Bletchley Park celebrates codebreakers who changed course of first world war | World news | The Guardian

VIRGO --- 20:18:55 29.7.2015
VIRGO --- 20:07:11 29.7.2015
Unusual Red Arcs Spotted on Icy Saturn Moon
News | Unusual Red Arcs Spotted on Icy Saturn Moon
Like graffiti sprayed by an unknown artist, unexplained arc-shaped, reddish streaks are visible on the surface of Saturn's icy moon Tethys in new,
enhanced-color images from NASA's Cassini spacecraft. The red arcs are narrow, curved lines on the moon's surface, and are among the most unusual
color features on Saturn's moons to be revealed by Cassini's cameras. Images taken using clear, green, infrared and ultraviolet spectral filters
were combined to create the enhanced-color views, which highlight subtle color differences across the icy moon's surface at wavelengths not visible
to human eyes. http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/news/display.cfm?News_ID=49565


VIRGO --- 19:57:52 29.7.2015
What If Light Had No Speed Limit?
What would the universe be like if the speed of light were infinite? It might seem like a silly question, since the speed of light
clearly isn’t infinite, but questions like these are a good way to explore how different aspects of a physical model are interrelated.

For example, in our universe light is an electromagnetic wave. It not only has a speed, but a wavelength. If you think of a wave as an oscillation,
then at infinite speed light would have no time to oscillate. So infinite light can’t be a wave. Since the wavelength of light determines its color,
that would also mean it has no color. But it gets worse because in classical physics light is produced when electromagnetic waves cause the charges
in atoms and molecules to oscillate. Without waves, atoms can’t be induced to emit light, the universe would be a sea of darkness.
VIRGO --- 19:55:54 29.7.2015
New blow for 'supersymmetry' physics theory
In a new blow for the futuristic "supersymmetry" theory of the universe's basic anatomy, experts reported fresh evidence Monday of subatomic activity
consistent with the mainstream Standard Model of particle physics. New data from ultra high-speed proton collisions at Europe's Large Hadron Collider
(LHC) showed an exotic particle dubbed the "beauty quark" behaves as predicted by the Standard Model, said a paper in the journal Nature Physics.
Previous attempts at measuring the beauty quark's rare transformation into a so-called "up quark" had yielded conflicting results. That prompted
scientists to propose an explanation beyond the Standard Model—possibly supersymmetry. But the latest observations were "entirely consistent with
the Standard Model and removes the need for this hypothesis" of an alternative theory, Guy Wilkinson, leader of LHC's "beauty experiment" told AFP.