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Cosmos In Brief - Aktualní novinky vesmírného výzkumu v kostce
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VIRGO --- 17:48:53 31.3.2015
ALMA Disentangles Complex Birth of Giant Stars | NAOJ
A research group led by Aya Higuchi, a researcher at Ibaraki University, conducted observations of the massive-star forming region
IRAS 16547-4247 with the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA). The observation results shows the presence of multiple,
or at least two, gas outflows from a protostar, indicating the possible existence of two new-born stars in this region. Also, the radio
observation results of molecular line emission of methanol revealed in vivid detail an hourglass structure created by gas outflows
spreading outward while thrusting the ambient gas cloud away. It is the first time that such an hourglass structure was found
in observations of methanol in high-mass star forming regions.

VIRGO --- 17:46:56 31.3.2015
Herschel and Planck find missing clue to galaxy cluster formation / Space Science / Our Activities / ESA
March 31, 2015: By combining observations of the distant Universe made with ESA’s Herschel and Planck space observatories,
cosmologists have discovered what could be the precursors of the vast clusters of galaxies that we see today. Galaxies like
our Milky Way with its 100 billion stars are usually not found in isolation. In the Universe today, 13.8 billion years after
the Big Bang, many are in dense clusters of tens, hundreds or even thousands of galaxies.

VIRGO --- 17:45:23 31.3.2015
VIRGO --- 15:31:14 31.3.2015
VIRGO --- 14:15:29 31.3.2015
New Comet: C/2015 F4 (JACQUES)
CBET nr. 4085, issued on 2015, March 31, announces the discovery of a comet (magnitude ~16)
by C. Jacques on CCD images taken on 2015, March 27.2 by C. Jacques, E. Pimentel and J. Barros
with a 0.28-m f/2.2 astrograph at the SONEAR Observatory (Oliveira, Brazil). The new comet has
been designated C/2015 F4 (JACQUES).
Remanzacco Observatory - Comets & Neo: New Comet: C/2015 F4 (JACQUES)

??? --- 15:15:29 25.3.2015
Wandering Jupiter swept away super-Earths, creating our unusual Solar System | Astronomy Now
VIRGO --- 15:36:03 24.3.2015
The 8.2-m primary mirror of Yepun, Unit Telescope 4 of ESO's Very Large Telescope, after its recoating
in early March. http://www.eso.org/public/czechrepublic/images/recoating-ut4/