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Cosmos In Brief - Aktualní novinky vesmírného výzkumu v kostce
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OMN --- 9:25:29 27.8.2014
Radical New Theory Could Kill the Multiverse Hypothesis | Science | WIRED
VIRGO --- 1:19:31 27.8.2014
The Observatories

Performing observations in Australia is on many astronomers’ bucket lists, and this video timelapse shows you precisely why.
Famous, world-class observatories, dark sky and the beautiful desolation of the desert combine in this award-winning sequence
shot by Alex Cherney and posted on Vimeo. Cherney writes that the video “is the result of over three years of work” and was
the winner of the 2014 STARMUS astrophotography competition. Here are the observatories that are featured:
Roque De Los Muchachos Observatory, La Palma;
Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder, Murchison, Australia;
Australia Telescope Compact Array, Narrarbri, Australia;
Parkes Radio Observatory, Australia;
Siding Spring Observatory, Australia;
Mount John Observatory, New Zealand
VIRGO --- 3:14:01 26.8.2014
fakt masakrózní věci se dějou zrovna teď...
Rosetta: Landing site search narrows - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Space Images: Four Rosetta Candidate Landing Sites - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

VIRGO --- 3:07:40 26.8.2014
NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft Crosses Neptune Orbit En Route to Historic Pluto Encounter
NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft Crosses Neptune Orbit En Route to Historic Pluto Encounter | NASA
Pluto-Bound New Horizons Takes a Distant Look at Neptune | NASA

VIRGO --- 3:05:56 26.8.2014
The Extraordinary Genius of Albert Einstein - Extraordinary People HD - Full Documentary
VIRGO --- 2:51:37 26.8.2014
The Oddest Member of the Leo Triplet | ESO
NGC 3628 is a spiral galaxy and a member of a small, but conspicuous group of galaxies located about 35 million light-years away,
toward the constellation of Leo (the Lion). The other distinguished members of this family, known collectively as the Leo Triplet,
are two well-known prominent spiral galaxies, Messier 65 and Messier 66 (not seen on the image), which were both discovered in 1780
by famous French comet hunter Charles Messier. NGC 3628 is the faintest of the trio and escaped Messier’s observations with his
rather small telescope. It was discovered and catalogued by William Herschel only four years later.

VIRGO --- 19:28:39 25.8.2014
VIRGO --- 17:52:58 25.8.2014
New ALMA Equipment Designed in Chile | ESO
New equipment for transporting one of the most sensitive components of the ALMA array — the antenna Front Ends (cryogenic refrigerators)
— has been delivered to ALMA by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), the North American associate of the Atacama Large
Millimeter/submillimeter Array. This new vehicle, which will save lots of time and increase safety during manoeuvers, was completely
designed and built in Chile. It is the first shipment of one of four vehicles for handling the Front Ends that hold the set of
detectors inside ALMA´s antennas, and is part of the technological exchange policy with the host country.