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Cosmos In Brief - Aktualní novinky vesmírného výzkumu v kostce
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VIRGO --- 15:11:42 31.12.2013
Beyoncé - XO - YouTube

Beyoncé Challenger Shuttle Disaster Audio Clip Upsets Astronauts' Families | Space.com
VIRGO --- 19:33:06 30.12.2013
Chandra :: Photo Album :: Sagittarius A* :: November 20, 2013

VIRGO --- 19:28:24 30.12.2013
Chandra :: Photo Album :: Sagittarius A* :: February 8, 2012

VIRGO --- 23:38:28 26.12.2013
Future and Cosmos: We Do Not Understand How the Universe Came to Look This Way
VIRGO --- 18:40:20 26.12.2013
VIRGO --- 18:35:30 26.12.2013
Boosting the signal
The ice jets of Encedalus send particles streaming into space hundreds of kilometers above the south pole
of this spectacularly active moon.Some of the particles escape to form the diffuse E ring around Saturn.
This color-coded image was processed to enhance faint signals, making the contours and extend of the fainter,
larger-scale component of the plume easier to see. NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

VIRGO --- 18:12:05 26.12.2013
Smooth or grainy? New paper reviews research on the grain of space-time
Smooth" or grainy? Is space-time continuous or is it made up of very fine (10-35 metres on the "Planck scale")
but discrete grains, if we look at it very close up ? If the latter were true, scientists think, this would lead
to deviations from the theory of special relativity formulated by Albert Einstein more than 100 years ago.

In some theoretical scenarios, the "non-continuity" of space-time implies violations to the invariance of the physical laws under
the so-called Lorentz transformations (which establish that physical laws are the same for all inertial reference frames that are
at the basis of special relativity). Since the 90s physicists have devised several methods (often based on phenomena connected to
high-energy astrophysics) to test these deviations from standard physics. Stefano Liberati, coordinator of the Astroparticle Physics
group of the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) of Trieste, recently published a systematic review to present the state
of the art in this field and the constraints that can be placed on the various models that predict violations to Special Relativity.
Smooth or grainy? New paper reviews research on the grain of space-time