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Cosmos In Brief - Aktualní novinky vesmírného výzkumu v kostce
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VIRGO --- 17:46:37 29.11.2013
Zombie ISON ‘Behaving Like A Comet’, Stunned Astronomers Say

Talk about the Comeback Kid. After Comet C/2012 S1 ISON rounded the sun yesterday afternoon, professional
astronomers around the world looked at the faded debris and concluded it was an “ex-comet.” NASA wrapped
up an hours-long Google+ Hangout with that news. The European Space Agency declared it was dead on Twitter.
But the remnants — or whatever ISON is now — kept brightening and brightening and brightening in images
from the NASA/European Space Agency Solar and Heliospheric Observatory. The pictures are still puzzling
astronomers right now, almost a day after ISON’s closest encounter with the sun.

VIRGO --- 10:47:58 29.11.2013

CANCEL THE EULOGY: Comet ISON flew through the sun's atmosphere on Nov. 28th and the encounter did not go well
for the icy comet. Just before perihelion (closest approach to the sun) the comet rapidly faded and appeared to
disintegrate. This prompted reports of ISON's demise. However, a fraction of the comet has survived. Click on
the image below to see what emerged from Comet ISON's brush with solar fire:


VIRGO --- 4:35:18 29.11.2013
ufff, brou, uz je to nutné přesunout se do peřinhelia...:)
VIRGO --- 4:30:59 29.11.2013
First Telescope Confirmation ISON Survived YOU LIE NASA 11-28-2013 - YouTube
VIRGO --- 4:27:53 29.11.2013
Comet ISON: Few updates on universetoday.com showing fate of ISON
VIRGO --- 4:27:08 29.11.2013
VIRGO --- 3:17:06 29.11.2013
Comet ISON 2013: When and where to see the sungrazing Thanksgiving comet | masslive.com