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Cosmos In Brief - Aktualní novinky vesmírného výzkumu v kostce
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VIRGO --- 18:16:34 29.9.2013
TOXICMAN: hezkypjěkně")
TOXICMAN --- 17:44:47 29.9.2013

T-minus 17 minutes and counting. The Falcon 9 rocket stands 224 feet tall and measures 12 feet in diameter. At liftoff, its nine Merlin 1D first stage engines will generate about 1.3 million pounds of thrust.

Spaceflight Now | Falcon Launch Report | Mission Status Center
VIRGO --- 20:55:55 26.9.2013
How to find black holes with lasers: Dr Andreas Freise - YouTube
VIRGO --- 20:55:02 26.9.2013
Bazinga: Mysterious Earth Orbiting Asteroid Turns Out to be Space Junk
The mystery of this object all started back on August 23rd of this year, when the PanSTARRS sky survey based on the summit
of Haleakala on the island of Maui in Hawai’i spotted an asteroid that was given the provisional designation of 2013 QW1.
The object was in a wide-ranging orbit around the Earth, leading astronomers to wonder if it was a naturally captured asteroid
or perhaps space debris from a previous launch. Either solution to the dilemma would be fascinating. Our large Moon keeps the
Earth pretty well swept clear of debris, though a “second Moon,” however small, would be an interesting find. And if 2013 QW1
were to prove artificial, it just might be a piece of history.
Bazinga: Mysterious Earth Orbiting Asteroid Turns Out to be Space Junk


VIRGO --- 20:52:45 26.9.2013
This Scoop of Mars Soil is Two Percent Water : Discovery News
VIRGO --- 20:45:25 26.9.2013
VIRGO: Ještě k tématu, ale tentokrát česky:
:: OSEL.CZ :: - Vznikl náš vesmír z černé hyperdíry?
VIRGO --- 19:29:17 26.9.2013
IGR J18245-2452: Neutron Star Undergoes Wild Behavior Changes
- An object that links two different types of neutron star has been found.
- IGR J18245 displays behaviors of both a "low-mass X-ray binary" and a "millisecond pulsar".
- X-ray and radio observations were used to supply evidence for this never-before-seen transition between these two states.
- Pulsars are the extremely dense spinning cores of collapsed stars.
Chandra :: Photo Album :: IGR J18245-2452 :: September 26, 2013

VIRGO --- 19:22:32 26.9.2013
New Webb Telescope Video Takes Viewers to a Vacuum Chamber | NASA

NASA | ISIM Goes into Huge Space Environment Simulator - YouTube
VIRGO --- 18:51:41 26.9.2013