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Payday 2
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SHASHA_KRASTY --- 17:23:52 30.8.2014
prej asi posledni video od Commander (CH) ... by me zajimalo na kolik pokusu to daval... :o)¨

Payday 2: GO Bank, Solo Stealth, DW, ALP, No ECM, (almost) NDC, NA
SHASHA_KRASTY --- 23:42:42 28.8.2014
takhle nejak by to slo... :o)


Firestarter deathwish - dohromady 22 baglu ... v prvnim dnu me byl ukazan krasnej glitch ... kdyz budete hodny, ukazu Vam to taky :o)
SHASHA_KRASTY --- 21:04:25 28.8.2014
SHASHA_KRASTY --- 10:27:47 27.8.2014
Kdyz uz jsme u tech achievmentu, tak kdyby se snad nasel nekdo, kdo by mel cas a chut me s nejakejma pomoct, tak budu samozrejme moc rad... :o)
Chybi me i nektery vicemene vtipny (napr. "The Eighth and Final Rule", "I Am the One Who Knocks", "Afraid of the Dark" atd.), nechci po nikom aby se treba sral s "Doctor Miserable", zeano.. :o)
SHASHA_KRASTY --- 9:22:37 27.8.2014
hmm tak dalsi achievmenty na obzoru ... a to jeste nemam "difficulty" achievy .. uff :o/

SHASHA_KRASTY --- 12:09:13 26.8.2014
tak i v Payday 2 si muzete zahrat na Super Maria.. :o)))

SergeantMcBadass - Death Wish Mallcrashers Stealth - Twitch
SHASHA_KRASTY --- 10:45:48 24.8.2014
SVORO: Simon Viklund to vzal aspon s pisnickou... :o)

Simon Viklund ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
JUDAS --- 10:45:38 22.8.2014
SHASHA_KRASTY: Let's get rich :D
SHASHA_KRASTY --- 10:25:25 22.8.2014
Hello robbers and music lovers,
Simon here. For those who don't know, I'm the "voice of Bain". I'm also responsible for all the music in PAYDAY: The Heist and PAYDAY 2 along with some other stuff we don't have to go into now.
The music is a big part of PAYDAY and we are - in a not too distant future - going to release an update that only has to do with the music. I won't tell you right now exactly what that update contains, but it's gonna be some sweet, sweet stuff!
In "PAYDAY: The Heist" - the game that "PAYDAY 2" is the sequel of - all heists had their own music, and you would only hear that music when you played that heist.
Right now I'm interested in hearing from the PAYDAY 2 community, to find out what tracks and heists would fit together like that in PAYDAY 2. Here are ten polls where you can have your say in the matter:
Click here to get to the polls!
Please take all ten polls! Right now the first poll I put up (for the track "Time Window") has more than three times more voters than some of the other polls, which is a bit odd. You guys grow tired after answering one poll? Show some resilience! ;-)
SHASHA_KRASTY --- 19:56:26 21.8.2014
krasnej glitch.. :o)

Payday 2: The Big Bank, Glitch Abuse in 2:16, Solo Stealth