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Payday 2
Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
SHASHA_KRASTY --- 9:56:36 31.7.2014
Hele po vcerejsku me napadlo rozjet malou debatu... takze zacnu otazkou:

Jake bugy v Payday 2 znate? (tim myslim opravdove Bugy, ne ze sejmete fizla a on spadne tak "nestastne", ze mu ze zdi kouka jenom prdel)

zacnu se dvema:
1) v Mallcrasher (klidne na deathwish) hodite do tri nejdrazsich kramu granaty, cimz privolate vrtulnik, pak zapalite kanystr v jednom z kramu, stoupnete si na policku a cekate na vrtulnik (fizlove umiraji v plamenech pekelnych, zatimco vy se jim z kramu smejete dabelskym smichem), pak az skonci heist a pak proste dobehnete na misto vyzvednuti...
obrazek kde mate stat:

2) v Big Oil - den 2 (spis takova srandicka) - neni ode me, ale je to taky zajimavy

Payday 2: Big Oil Day 2 Cam Bug

nekdo nejake dalsi? :o)
SHASHA_KRASTY --- 18:06:09 28.7.2014
kua byl si o chlup rychlejsi... :o)

SVORO: pocet lidi v official grupe .. snad se to dotahne az do konce! :o)
SVORO --- 17:52:35 28.7.2014
što e to?

??? --- 7:37:55 28.7.2014
SHASHA_KRASTY: vcelku pochopitelný.
SHASHA_KRASTY --- 0:15:03 28.7.2014
hmm zajimave, Commander (CH) si dava od Payday po nahranejch 864 hodinach voraz... zajimavy :o)

Hello everyone
I will already call in now about my resignation on the 9th of September 2014. Few people know about that already and we're looking for more leaders of Master Stealther. Currently surely Kins0 will further lead the group after me but he can't lead it alone.
We currently don't have any kind of application form or something for you but we'll inform you as soon as we organized something. For now, you can leave a comment if you're already interested in a spot and we can talk with you what it takes etc. to lead a group.
For those who are wondering why I'm stepping back, it's not because I hate Payday or something, instead I still love it but I found something more addicting and definitely consuming more of my freetime than Payday (if not all). It's a new game called Destiny (console only) that was developed for 5 years and will be further added with more content (in form of DLC's / Add-Ons) for the next 10 years (at least that's what I was told) and I definitely see that in that game.
For the fans out here I already want to thank to supporting me and hope you enjoyed my stealthing skills. ;) If you still want to see more stealthing, you can check out our =TM$= members and especially Kins0 who's still putting a lot of work into the game. For those who still follow me, watch out for ALOT OF Destiny content and streams! ;)
And for the haters, well, fuck the haters, I don't care about you.
=TM$= Commander (CH)
LKNFYI --- 22:25:07 20.7.2014
SVORO: já asi 3x
SVORO --- 22:21:28 20.7.2014
Tak kdo jste dal dnes Watchdogs a oslavila tak svátek co má dnes Ilja ? :)
SHASHA_KRASTY --- 23:50:26 14.7.2014
a kdyby snad jako nekdo mel pocit ze "praskat se nema, ale hlasit se to prece musi", tak... :o)))

We're aware that there are people who cheat in PAYDAY 2.
We don't approve of cheats in PAYDAY 2. We're working on a better tool and a better way to handle cheaters. We're considering VAC among other solutions.
If you find a cheater, e-mail us at info@overkillsoftware.com and we'll look into it. At the very least, said person can be kicked from the community. In scenarios where a cheater "griefs" we work with Valve to handle them. This process takes time however.
We have a policy of "no naming and shaming" on these forums. If you think someone is cheating, better e-mail us privately than creating a thread where you "name and shame" said individual. We'll continue to delete threads like these if we see them.
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.
SHASHA_KRASTY --- 23:44:18 14.7.2014
btw pekny... :o)
Payday 2: Big Oil Day 1, Death Wish, Level 0 Setup, Solo Stealth
SHASHA_KRASTY --- 23:44:04 14.7.2014
???: to bys je musela videt v pohybu :o)