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Payday 2
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SHASHA_KRASTY --- 13:33:03 30.6.2014
hmm zrejme ... se Speculator Sight
IMOLOL --- 13:22:32 30.6.2014
SHASHA_KRASTY: není to car-4?
SHASHA_KRASTY --- 12:23:42 30.6.2014
Hele nevite nekdo, co ten CommanderCH v SHASHA_KRASTY pouziva za primarni zbran? To nejak nemuzu poznat.. :o)
SHASHA_KRASTY --- 0:56:33 30.6.2014
PAYDAY 2: All-time high thanks to your support!

Today there was 63,814 heisters online on Crime.net. That's more concurrent heisters than ever before playing PAYDAY 2.

We at OVERKILL are humbled by our community's incredible support.

We have one mission at OVERKILL; to create the best co-op experience we possibly can. Together with you, we keep on improving the experience almost a year after release - and for those of you who didn't know - we'll continue to develop PAYDAY 2 for at least another year. That means more free content, more heists, more weapons and more cool events.

People sometimes forget that we're a relatively small, independent developer studio. We're roughly 45 developers at OVERKILL and Starbreeze combined. Your support means that we can continue being an independent game developer. This is very important for us; it's what makes us able to talk to you directly without having a marketing team go through every word. It's what makes us able to create content based on your feedback, not on statistics. It's what makes us able to make unique collaborations with Valve such as the GO Bank heist in PAYDAY 2 and the No Mercy heist in PAYDAY: The Heist.

Next week we're releasing an Old Hoxton Soundboard that we've created for free for the PAYDAY community. We're confident you'll have a lot of fun with it.

Going forward, we're investigating the possibility to include the workshop feature in the game down the line. We know many of you want to create your own mask designs among other things to be included in the game.

And, as you all know, the Dentist has a few more heists in store for you before the year's over.

Thanks for your support and keep those helmets flying! The OVERKILL crew salutes you.

OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.
SHASHA_KRASTY --- 10:14:34 26.6.2014
to bylo rychly... :o)

Update: We have enough for now!
Everyone! I've received over 500 applications in less than six hours. This is crazy. Thank you so much for your support.

We will continue to go through the applications one by one. No further translators are needed at this time.

Thanks everyone.

OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.
SHASHA_KRASTY --- 23:06:41 25.6.2014
PAYDAY 2: Translating the game to more languages - want to help?
Want to be an OVERKILL translator?
We've updated our localization workflow. We now have a system where we can manage and implement new languages into PAYDAY 2 for all our players.

We're now looking for volunteer members of our community who would like to help us.

Why? Many games are translated with no respect for the game or the language. We want to involve our players and community members to bring the best translations possible that carry over the PAYDAY spirit from one language to another.

We want to give a chosen few community members the opportunity to further your relationship with us at OVERKILL. We want you to become OVERKILL translators.

As an OVERKILL translator, you'll work closely together with me to make sure we make a game that can be enjoyed in as many languages as possible. You'll be able to improve the language translations that have been made and are responsible that the translations have a high standard.

What's in it for me?
There is no monetary compensation. We will however salute you in other ways such as honorary mentions in-game, your name in the credits and epic PAYDAY 2 loot signed by the OVERKILL crew will be sent to you.

If things go well, we look forward to have you as a translator for years to come on all of our OVERKILL projects.

You need no formal training or education or whatever. We want PAYDAY community members who are passionate about PAYDAY.

However, there are some requirements.

You're at least 18 years of age (reason: you have to sign an NDA - non disclosure agreement - before we start)
You agree to the Translation Agreement that I will provide upon choosing you
Your spoken and written English has to be excellent
Your spoken and written knowledge of the language you are translating must be excellent
Your spelling of the language you're translating must be excellent
You're ready-and-able - available on Skype most of the time so I personally can contact you in case we suddenly need to have something translated
You've got plenty of free time starting now that you want to dedicate to this endeavour
You love the PAYDAY franchise and want to help us bring the best experience to the rest of the community

We currently need translators for the following languages:
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

If you can't find your language in the list, chances are we are already translating it and don't need any more help right now.

If you have sent an e-mail earlier but didn't get a reply, please try again.

Please understand that there is only one spot per language.

Are the different languages going to be DLC?
No. The language updates will be added when they're tested and will be implemented in future updates, free of charge for all our players.

Send me an e-mail with subject line "Translator for language X here!" to almir@overkillsoftware.com

Thanks everyone.

OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.
SHASHA_KRASTY --- 21:46:42 24.6.2014
okej :o)
SVORO --- 21:43:29 24.6.2014
SHASHA_KRASTY: je to tohle není to Hax je to Hud add-on http://steamcommunity.com/groups/HHPD2

SHASHA_KRASTY: Má skill z mastreminda Pistol Mesiah

Jinak k těm Flash bangum parkrát dostane mlíko, ale imho je to čistý má skilly v Mastermind & Enforcer
SHASHA_KRASTY --- 20:36:25 24.6.2014
???: je fakt, ze fizla sejme
??? --- 20:06:17 24.6.2014
SHASHA_KRASTY: no pokud má ten perk (název teď z hlavy nevim), kterej ti dává šanci sám se revivnout, pokud pistolí vleže sejmeš fízla, tak je to ok.
Popravdě, nevěřim, že by byl někdo tak blbej a postoval video se zcela očividnejma cheatama, ale co já vim, jakej je teď trend...třeba cheatovat je věc společenskýho statusu nebo tak něco ;)