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Payday 2
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SHASHA_KRASTY --- 19:13:33 27.5.2014
a co se tyce toho 2,7gb update:


We've got a big update here which dramatically reduces the size of the full game by 20 GB. We also have some other fixes that we think you'll enjoy.

Update size: 2.7 GB (0 GB for participants of the open beta), will reduce game size by 20 GB.

Dramatically reduced the size of the full game, more on this in the Q&A below
Changed it so that Inspire Ace will prioritze downed team mates before enemies
Increased the chance of intimidating an enemy in stealth
Fixed an issue related to crouching where the player could teleport through walls
Fixed an issue with the accuracy for shotguns in the stats menu. It can now show more than 100%
Fixed an issue where the detection icon above cameras wouldn't appear for clients
Fixed an issue where two players sometimes got one body bag each when interacting with a corpse simultaneously
Fixed an issue where the player camera would clip with the sniper sights
Fixed a crash related to the Joker skill
Fixed an issue on Big Oil day one where multiple grenade cases would spawn
Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck on Firestarter day three and Bank Heist
Fixed an issue with the zip line on Firestarter day three and Bank Heist

Q: How did OVERKILL reduce the size of the game?
A: The content system has been restructured to allow some assets to be loaded during loadout and the blackscreen instead of during the loading screen. This eliminates the need for duplicates between bundle files.

Q: How is ingame performance affected?
A: Because of the background streaming during loadout, you might notice drop in framerate. The streaming speed can be tweakd by adjusting the size of the streaming chunk size in advanced video options. After loadout and the blackscreen, the performance is not at all affected.

Q: How is loading performance affected?
A: Loading times from lobby/Crime.net to loadout will become shorter.
But since the loading continues into loadout, the total time will be longer than before.

Q: Will the new system be used on console?
A: No final answer yet. We are still working on it. HDD access speeds on PS3 and Xbox 360 are not as good as on PC.

Q: What was wrong with the old system?
A: The old system did not scale up well and we still want to release lots of content. Patching was slow, due to the size of the files and the install size was too much for a lot of systems.

Q: Why do you not compress the data?
A: If we did that then patch sizes would increase dramatically.

Q: How is gameplay affected?
A: Not at all.

Q: Who wins with the new content system?
A: Winners are those who are short of HDD space, slow internet connections, HDD with average-good access times. Moreover, everyone loads faster into loadout.

Q: Can I switch to the old content system?
A: No. The data is optimized for the new system and using the old system with the new data will be terribly slow.

Q: Will you change the patching system for PAYDAY 2?
A: No, we are not in charge of the patching system, Valve is. We make sure to use the latest and most modern option there is. Valve's patch system is one of the best if not the best there is.

Hope you enjoy this update. Thanks to all who participated in the open beta test of this update.
SHASHA_KRASTY --- 19:09:17 27.5.2014
hmmm novej heist! :o)

I'm happy to say that we have another, free heist for you. What's that? Another free weekend too and 67% off? Well thank you very much, good sir.
Click here to get to the Shadow Raid Heist Update website![www.overkillsoftware.com]
Q: Is this free content or paid?
A: Free!
Q: When is this DLC released?
A: On Thursday the 29th of May.
I'll update the achievements on Steam in a moment!
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.
??? --- 15:09:00 23.5.2014
SHASHA_KRASTY: ja klidne dam jsem ted v oku hurikanu...
SHASHA_KRASTY --- 10:53:07 23.5.2014
kua nekdy bych si rad s nekym znamim zahral... :o)

btw koukam, ze pomerne dost z vas udelala nejaky ty heisty na death wish obtiznost ... oni to nejak nerfnuli a je to hratelnejsi nez to bylo (ne)hratelny po tom co to vyslo?
SHASHA_KRASTY --- 10:48:19 23.5.2014
The following is information regarding a voluntary beta test.
If you right click on PAYDAY 2 in your steam library and go to properties -> beta you can change to open beta. There is no password, just press “check” and then hit OK. This is a beta build focusing on a tech solution that we are testing internally. We would like to invite you to try it as well and see if it works for you. It should make the game much smaller than it currently is. There are no other features that we would like to have tested in this build.
Please note that the beta size is 10,5 gigabytes. You will probably have to re-download some files.
Please also note that if you join the beta, you do so at your own risk and should make a back-up of your save file in case of any unexpected issues. There are guides in the PAYDAY 2 community where the process of backing up save files is explained.
If this tech test works we might be able to reduce the total game size by 20 gigabytes down the line.
Any reports of your tests can be shared in the comments below or in the stickied forum thread under General Discussions.
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.
MAGE --- 16:10:15 7.5.2014
SHASHA_KRASTY: .50 s tím bys mohl sestřelit i ten vrtulník =)
SHASHA_KRASTY --- 16:07:52 7.5.2014
ta spodni ... dmg 2880 ... LOL :o)
MAGE --- 16:05:51 7.5.2014
SHASHA_KRASTY: pěkné flinty...