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TRAP Music
Atlanta, UK, Jamajsky Pohřby z frujtů... Damn son s trap funeral

Trap music is based on use of the 808 Roland drum machine, pitched and re-sampled hiphop/rap vocals, pipe flutes, gangsta synth leads, and various FX. Similar to rap without the main vocal, Trap music has been gaining lots of attention from major DJ’s and labels. Although, the style originated many years ago, Trap music has recently been making a new school comeback in many new forms such as “Trap”, “Chirp”, “SeaPunk”, “PsyTrap”, and “TrapStep”. Earliest known examples can be found by artists such as Triple Six Mafia, UGK, Swisha House, and Gucci Mane. Tempos range widely from 135-175bpm which is uncommon for most major genres of electronic dance music (EDM).
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STANTHA --- 17:02:07 29.6.2013
oh yeah tak ze dneska trap night v Chapeau Rouge!
EKSRR --- 21:03:44 26.6.2013
[Trap] Smookie Illson - Smoker's Anthem [Free download] - YouTube
EKSRR --- 21:02:44 26.6.2013
Rick Ross - 100 Black Coffins (Django Unchained Theme) (Meaux Green Trap Remix) - YouTube
EKSRR --- 21:02:29 26.6.2013
FIDEL: hip hop se uplne trápí
FIDEL --- 11:33:55 12.6.2013
v posledni A2 text Ondry Belicka- Trap music (Je hip hop v pasti?)

CHONGX --- 22:21:23 23.5.2013
CHONGX --- 20:15:57 10.5.2013
CHONGX --- 19:21:31 8.5.2013
GTA - Booty Bounce Feat. DJ Funk (Happy Colors Trippy Trap Remix) - YouTube
CHONGX --- 15:44:37 7.5.2013
GULIBASS23: abyste si nemysleli, me je jedno, kdo krade jaky melodie, jen mi prijde divny nedat zadnej kredit za tu corku ;)