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Fotky měst a zajímavých míst s atmosférou... Jak vaše fotky tak linky z netu... Ideální k fotce popis a název lokace
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VIRGO --- 16:35:27 24.9.2015
"Sangla Valley ― The Pass of Light"
Sangla, nestled beautifully in the lap of Himalayas is a town in the Baspa Valley, in the Kinnaur Dist of Himachal Pradesh, India, close to the Tibetan border.

VIRGO --- 14:05:26 22.9.2015
Universal Border Zone: Kaza, India in The Western Himalayas
The town of Kaza, Kaze or Kaja is the subdivisional headquarters of the remote Spiti Valley in the Lahaul and Spiti district of the state of Himachal
Pradesh in the Western Himalayas of India. Spiti, which is a part of the Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal, is a high altitude or cold desert
having close similarities to the neighbouring Tibet and Ladakh regions in terms of terrain, climate and the Buddhist culture. Kaza, situated along
the Spiti River river at an elevation of 3,650 meters (11,980 ft) above mean sea level, is the largest township and commercial center of the valley.
Credit: Nimit Nigam. Date: September 21, 2015

VIRGO --- 10:08:24 18.9.2015
For Your Shot member Stas Bartnikas, aerial photography is a passion, a fortunate hobby for someone who travels up
to a dozen times a year. “Every trip, I fly and take shots,” he writes. “Iceland is [the] most photogenic country
from above.” He captured this kaleidoscopic view of volcanic lakes near Mýrsalsjökull Glacier from a Cessna. For
him, partly sunny weather, a good pilot, and an elated mood made the colorful and unusual picture possible.

HANZ23 --- 10:35:59 17.9.2015
Most přes úžinu Öresund - Přes most přejede denně 10 tisíc automobilů a 280 vlaků s 20 tisíci cestujícími