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DayZ Standalone/Mod Tactically Significant Carps
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RUDOLF --- 18:32:52 23.8.2017
war... war.. never changes:-): "Eugen Harton: "I do believe that when you see the game in this state and when you play it on the booth, you can probably come to a conclusion that it's not going to take that long, it's just not really worth [stating] a concrete date" "
RUDOLF --- 18:28:18 23.8.2017

The new animations look really good, feel great and it actually plays really really well. I almost forgot it was DayZ for a while. It finally feels like you are controlling the character. There were minor bugs, eg. if you kill someone with their arms raised they get stuck that way. However they already know about that (it was kind of implied it was in this build only). We were playing on a cut-out part of Chernarus (can't remember which city exactly).
Punching people and zombies now seems a lot better. It is much easier to aim and it seems like when it is rendered that you hit someone, the game registers that as well. Certainly much better then before. In order to raise your hands you had to hold right mouse button and then press the left mouse button in order to punch. This also worked well.
The client and server seem to be finally decoupled. The game ran very smoothly. At one time the server died which I only noticed by the fact that doors wouldn't open anymore and zombies being stuck. Server seems to have no effect on client performance.
Door interaction and interaction with other stuff is now done using the F button. There was no more scroll-wheel menu. I have to say it worked rather well and is much better than the old way. It also look really good.
There was a stamina bar on the bottom-left, which, when depleted, would prevent you from sprinting. It looked really nice and worked well. On the right side there were the other status icons which look nice, however I think they were broken a bit as none of them changed color.
I also found a generator which could only be carried in the hands and you couldn't run while holding it. By pressing a button you would enter the placement mode, a ghost image of the generator would appear and you would have to hold the button for longer in order to "install" the generator at that place. The installing animation was interruptable simply by letting the button go (which would happen instantly).
It had its bugs, once I managed to get kicked by the opening door a meter or so up, however after a few seconds I glided down and everything was back to normal. Zombies can sometimes go through walls again, however I've been told that is not complete yet. I think it will need some more polish before it is on the experimental branch.
My overall experience is really good. It actually does seem as 0.63 will be the build that will finally make this game enjoyable. The developers were all very kind and interested in opinions of people who played previous versions.
PS: they gave out some stickers and chemlights :) PPS: it was a bit disappointing that there wasn't any queue (even though it was press day). A couple of computers were empty, however I hope they will have a better turnout in the following days with the private visitors.
DUBAS_ --- 18:02:16 23.8.2017
DayZ 0.63 BETA at Gamescom 2017: GameStar Interview & Showcase with E. Harton
TERZ --- 17:32:21 11.8.2017
ZOMBO: Nikdo se nevrátí. Už se na to vyserte, napálili Vás stejně jako všechny ostatní :-D
ZOMBO --- 14:40:52 11.8.2017
CLUSMAN: To ani ve mně. Taky záleží, s jakym množstvím obsahu chtěj tu betu odstartovat – velká část hráčů se vrátí a bude se ptát, kde jsou kola, heliny, základny, módy...
CLUSMAN --- 13:44:23 11.8.2017
RUDOLF: taky si myslim ze vanoce to nebudou
RUDOLF --- 13:29:16 11.8.2017
CLUSMAN: v dohledné době na steamu beta nebude, mám takovej pocit, že nebude ani na vánoce. Uvidíme podle gamescom dema, na přípravě buildu v tom bude víc jak měsíc práce. Tak se ukáže, jak na to reagujou lidi a kolik tam bude nějakých zásadních chyb.
CLUSMAN --- 13:11:55 11.8.2017
ZOMBO: Jasne, nicemne podle toho co pisou ve me nebudi optimismus, ze to bude v dohledne dobe.