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Edgar Cayce - Spící prorok
Jméno slavného amerického proroka minulého století, pana Edgara Cayce (1877-1945) je nejspíše většině z nás známé pod pojmem jako "otec celostní medicíny" či jako „spící prorok“. Čím se však tento mág proslavil a co během svého života dokázal, nás může všechny dost překvapit.
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KALIPH --- 16:09:48 27.5.2015
The Little Prophetess from the Cayce Readings By Sidney and Nancy Kirkpatrick Edgar Cayce A.R.E. Blog
KALIPH --- 15:13:28 5.5.2015
What ARE thy ideals, - spiritually, mentally, materially? Are they one; as thy body, mind and soul are one? as the Godhead is one in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit? If not, thou errest in thy choice. Make them one.
KALIPH --- 15:40:37 4.3.2015
The first fundamental idea about healing requires that we maintain a creative balance between two principles:
1. All healing comes from the infinite - that is, from attunement and harmony with our spiritual source. The infinite is just as accessible and available in the visible, physical world as it is in the invisible realm.
2. At the same time, each person must take responsibility for his or her own healing process. No one can simply sit back and wait passively for healing to occur.

- Edgar Cayce
KUBIS_IN --- 19:09:02 5.12.2014
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Jablečná detoxikační dieta dle Edgara Cayceho | Síla pro život - jsme tu pro Vaše zdraví - kineziologie
KALIPH --- 14:23:39 24.11.2014
Know that no influence surpasses the WILL of the entity. Make that will, then, one with that which is the entity's ideal.
KALIPH --- 15:42:34 10.11.2014
As He has given, and as has been presented again and again, not in times nor seasons, not in new moons nor in any place, but every day, every hour we show forth His love in a manner that makes for the knowledge of all contacting us that He walks with us, that He is our friend.
KALIPH --- 19:39:51 8.11.2014
For that creative force, that spirit that PROMPTS the activities in a material world, arises within the heart, the soul of each individual in meting out to its fellow man. For one may not hate his brother and love his God; one may not worship his God and hold malice or envy against his brother. For these are of ONE, and the Law of One must carry through.

As ye sow in spirit, so may the mind build that ye reap in materiality. As ye sow in materiality, so may that mind build to make for dissension or a paralleling of an activity in the spiritual import. They are interchangeable.
PSYCHOPATICK --- 23:22:35 8.3.2014
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