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Italo-Disco / Hi-NRG / Space disco / Electro / Library music

Discovering, sharing, downloading, listening and spreading love with electronic music.
We still kill the old way! Rare / new shits.

inside Il Discotto

"How and when did you first discover Italo Disco?

- In 1982/83 a friend of mine played some Italo records he bought on a holiday in Italy. One of them was KOTO – "Chinese Revenge". I was instantly hooked to this pure synthesizer masterpiece. So far I listened to more commercial stuff – but with the synthesizer a whole new universe of sounds emerged right in front of me: I was really hooked – and have been ever since. In 1983 the same guy asked me if I would like to go with him to Milan to buy Italo records. The first of many trips to Italy... That's basically how I discovered Italo Disco and my passion about Italo Disco started."

Flemming Dalum

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YENICK --- 16:31:57 27.3.2015
LAYUP --- 15:18:46 18.2.2015
Článek: Morphology: "Electro jsme ve skutečnosti dělat nechtěli..." | techno.cz (party, fotky, house, trance, techno)

NATURALPLAST --- 21:56:16 9.2.2015
hrozna mastrovina... w. orbit 1983 klasika... ten trailer na to docela sedi. :)

Torch Song - Prepare To Energize (Vinyl) at Discogs

Weird Science (1985) Trailer Kelly LeBrock Hot

RAPHAEL_KOSMOS --- 22:00:08 8.1.2015
Nase prvni 12ti palcova vlastovka:

IDEOMATIC - Körperkontrol EP (Kid Machine remix)| Forthcoming 12"
RAPHAEL_KOSMOS --- 16:51:13 4.1.2015
KAPITANKUN: to je dobre ;)