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Italo-Disco / Hi-NRG / Space disco / Electro / Library music

Discovering, sharing, downloading, listening and spreading love with electronic music.
We still kill the old way! Rare / new shits.

inside Il Discotto

"How and when did you first discover Italo Disco?

- In 1982/83 a friend of mine played some Italo records he bought on a holiday in Italy. One of them was KOTO – "Chinese Revenge". I was instantly hooked to this pure synthesizer masterpiece. So far I listened to more commercial stuff – but with the synthesizer a whole new universe of sounds emerged right in front of me: I was really hooked – and have been ever since. In 1983 the same guy asked me if I would like to go with him to Milan to buy Italo records. The first of many trips to Italy... That's basically how I discovered Italo Disco and my passion about Italo Disco started."

Flemming Dalum

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
LEETO --- 12:31:32 24.9.2012
NALLE: to me pripomelo tohle

Giorgio Moroder - Baby Blue (Disco Video 1979). - YouTube
LAYUP --- 13:05:34 6.9.2012
Mr Clavio - Dance Du Canard - 2001

When the internet was still 1.0 there was the Global Darkness forum, a one stop shop for gearfreax, momma's boys and obsessive compulsive music aficionados. 't Was a heavenly place. Those who were there will remember this classic vinyl only mix from 2001. Made by Mr Clavio to celebrate the release of Creme #1 and with that the start of Creme Organization with plenty of Italo, Chicago, Disco & The Hague gems. As you will hear, Mr Clavio didn't shy away from big feelings. Some digital hickups during the recording of this mix couldn't be fixed. Help us with the holes in the track listing (Edit: Fixed)

Klapto - Mister Game
Scotch - Penguin Invasion
Tapps - Forbidden Lover
High Energy - High Energy
$tinkworx - Italo Track
Phortune - Feel The Bass
Phrenic - Mischa ($tinkworx Italo Rmx)
Roni Griffith - Spies
Alden Tyrell - Faze Me
The Immortals - The Ultimate Warlord
Parallax Corporation - Destiny
Hipnosis - End Title
Charlie - Spacer Woman
Connie - Rock Me
Ferrara - Love Attack
Macho - I'm A Man
Jungle Wonz - The Jungle
Pleasure Zone - I Can't Understand
Professor Of Acid - Drug Store
Easy Going - Fear
LAYUP --- 13:23:25 14.8.2012
NALLE: Supr klip
NALLE --- 13:03:29 14.8.2012
ted jsem si koupil na boomkatu debut album Intrusion od Elitechnique. vubec jsem nevedel, ze uz maj celou desku

Rooftop Elitechnique - YouTube
LAYUP --- 12:07:35 14.8.2012
NALLE: Kdyby dneska ten pop znel takhle
NALLE --- 11:22:24 14.8.2012
Alexander O'Neal Criticize - YouTube

btw nedavno to vysamploval jonas rathsman

Jonas Rathsman - Love is My Middle Name - YouTube

NALLE --- 11:20:24 14.8.2012
LAYUP --- 13:14:46 7.8.2012
Dneska mam chut na popik

Shannon - Let The Music Play (original video) - YouTube
LAYUP --- 13:13:19 7.8.2012