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Wikileaks - Assange - Revolution now! + Anonymous + Bradley Manning a Snowden
Informace o Wikileaks, Assangovi, Snowdenovi, Manningovi...

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O smysluplnosti Wikileaks a jestli je Assange zloduch nebo hrdina diskutujte prosim zde: [ WikiLeaks ] Držte se prosím tématu podpory a toho co se aktuálně ve prospěch Assange a Wikileks děje. Zítra budou zbytečné diskuse mazány, resp. opakování bude za banán
Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
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This Weekend: Celebrate the Life and Work of Aaron Swartz at the Internet Archive | Electronic Frontier Foundation
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Vime kde je ted Assange?
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C3TV -3 Years After Snowden: Is Germany fighting State Surveillance?

Snowden: Surveillance is about control - EDRi

As Snowden pointed out, we’ve repeatedly seen evidence that mass surveillance is actually not effective in stopping terrorism. And yet despite that, we see more and more political support, not only to continue these programmes, but to expand them, and to fund them to even greater levels. As we see in many of EU countries, there is a trend of giving more power to the intelligence agencies, without the reflection of how their activities affect citizens’ rights.


Democracy is supposed to be the informed consent of the governed. However, if we are not informed, we cannot really consent to what is happening. Snowden revelations and the inquiry committee in Germany have shown that “spy agencies” function in a way that contradicts the principle of democracy, since they are operating in secret and there’s often no control over whether they are breaking laws.

Snowden pointed out the new harsh surveillance legislation in China and Russia passed with the argument of “just keeping up with the Western world”. He expressed his concern about our society no longer being worried about human rights – we are only barely concerned with the rights of our co-citizens. However, Snowden reminded the audience, human rights are universal, and regulated by several international rights agreements and treaties.

The fact is that no country is immune to the trend of increasing mass surveillance. Rights are being violated indiscriminately by intelligence agencies, not only in China and Russia, but in the US, Germany, in the UK, in Canada. And as Snowden put it, secret government is necessarily a bad government. In order not to have bad governments, we have to take action. It might seem that Snowden is preaching to the choir, but his appeal to stand for our privacy and the privacy of others still generates much-needed inspiration.

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Hledal jsem nějaký článek, který by vyvracel rumours, že jsou wikileaks pobočkou FSB, ale nacházím jenom potvrzující spekulace. Nevíte o něčem?
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Inside The Strange, Paranoid World Of Julian Assange - BuzzFeed News
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