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SUMIE_DH --- 15:16:10 5.12.2015
Facebook is Terrified of Anarchist-run Telegram App | Zomia Offline Games
??? --- 5:13:03 12.11.2015
Belgian court gives Facebook 48 hours to stop tracking Internet users
QWIFF --- 0:55:53 31.10.2015
???: Si to zkus jak je to snadný. Je to o navyklých chutích a formě (vepřo, knedlo a cosi k tomu) a ty s tím nemusíš mít rozhodně žádný problém pokud oni ho nemají s tebou.. Jen tě to prostě sere. Sorry za OT.
??? --- 9:13:49 26.10.2015
Podobnej problém mám s lidma přecházejícíma na vegetariánství - hledají náhražky masa. Nevím, proč.
??? --- 17:09:55 15.10.2015
Tak jako Facebook mam. Ale uz mam taky po krk Windows, Facebooku a Google. Vsechno to zahodit do kose. Prejit na Linux, DuckDuckGo a Nyx. :-) Free From The System.
HANT --- 20:00:17 18.9.2015
The Facebook of the Future Has Privacy Implications Today

“Facebook’s story is that we trade privacy for access to its service,” says Cory Doctorow, a best-selling author, co-editor of the pioneering futurist blog Boing Boing, and consultant for the civil liberties group Electronic Frontier Foundation. “But it’s clear that none of us really know what we’re trading. People are really bad at pricing out the future value of today’s privacy disclosure. … It’s nothing like any other marketplace. … In a market, buyers and sellers bargain. In Facebook’s ‘market,’ it gets to treat your private data as an all-you-can-eat buffet and help itself to whatever it wants.”
It’s not at all clear how to help people navigate a world where the seemingly trivial act of accepting a friend request can have life-altering financial implications. Privacy International’s Tynan advocates increased disclosure of future risk; but does that mean that privacy policies would become more like dystopian sci-fi stories? “It is no longer acceptable for companies to simply detail what data they collect on their users,” he says. “They must be honest and explain what the implications are.”
SUMIE_DH --- 16:52:24 4.8.2015
Millions of Facebook users have no idea they’re using the internet - Quartz
XCHAOS --- 17:50:26 23.4.2015
Sítě Miloše Čermáka: Blbá nálada z Facebooku? Dává to smysl
XCHAOS --- 10:40:31 13.4.2015
STUDY: Envy of Friends, Family Can Make Facebook Use Depressing | SocialTimes