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CHONGX --- 20:49:23 31.3.2012
CHONGX --- 16:31:12 28.3.2012
A Laptop for JAVIER ESTRADA | Caballo and the Mothafu Kings

CHONGX --- 17:14:22 27.3.2012
A Tribe Called Red – A Tribe Called Red (Free Album) | Tropical Bass


A Tribe Called Red dropped a free Album today! The untitled Album from the canadian Pow Wow Steppers is a collection of some of their most popular free downloads, they’ve released in the last couple of months, but it also features two new and unreleased bangers. I’m sure you’ve been waiting for this, since a lot of these originals and Remixes reached the download limit so fast that you didn’t had the chance to grab them, before. Enter your email address in the widget below to get a download link forwarded to your inbox.
CHONGX --- 15:57:09 24.3.2012
a sobota!

Generation Bass » Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Heart and Mind
CHONGX --- 15:44:57 24.3.2012
nice to meet you - 最高のパーティになりました。 皆様に感謝の意をこめて、パーティ開始30分の音源をFREE...

cumbia v japonsku...
CHONGX --- 3:39:50 23.3.2012
Okayafrica Exclusive: Diplo + Chief Boima Debate The Politics Of Tropical Bass « Okayplayer | okayplayer.com
CHONGX --- 22:55:13 21.3.2012
Dos Mundos » Dos Mundos xxclusives…Den5hion’s mini mixtape Perderme en tu Mirada

CHONGX --- 19:47:41 21.3.2012

Starting today NuCumbiaExperience.Com is another site where you can watch and listen to Kuto Selektah Quilla's Radio Timbo session!
8 PM (Europa)
5 PM (Brasil - Uruguay)
4 PM (Argentina – Chile)
3 PM (Bolivia – Puerto Rico - Rep.Dom.)
2 PM (Colombia – Ecuador - Panamá - Perú)
2:30 PM (Venezuela)
1 PM (México)