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CHONGX --- 15:16:08 19.10.2016
A taky se mi povedlo, aby přijel DEAD STARE... teda jen jejich půlka. Ta z Maďarska. Gekki (věk obvykle neudávám, ale tady stojí za pozornost 20). Dj Brken Record z mexika teda nedorazí, ale BOOMBAHCHERO bude! Už teď se těšim, jak malej kluk :)

Subguey Vol. 5 - Mixed by Dead Stare
CHONGX --- 14:57:38 19.10.2016
CHONGX --- 9:52:37 12.10.2016
VELDRANE --- 15:16:17 27.9.2016
Novej (resp pul roku starej :) singl/clip od Habana De Primera - Simpre Si

Havana De Primera-Siempre Si (Official Video)

Havana d'Primera was formed on October 4, 2008 by a collective of the best musicians of the 1990s -- those who refused to throw in the towel -- in an attempt to rekindle the magic of timba and create a better working environment for musicians. Their debut album, Haciendo historia, and a string of riveting performances, have caused more buzz than any new band since Pupy y Los Que Son Son. The band is directed by Alexander Abreu, widely recognized as the greatest trumpeter of his generation -- a key part of Paulito FG's Élite during its glory years and the first call studio trumpeter for everyone from Juan Ceruto to Juan Formell to Issac Delgado. There had always been rumors of Alexander's behind-the-scenes creative contributions in the form of coros and mambos, but he's now come front and center as a dominating lead vocalist and songwriter. His voice is reminiscent of Robertón but with the added melodic sophistication of a skilled instrumentalist. His writing and arranging are brilliant.

Every musician is an all-star -- from pianist Tony Rodríguez to conguero Guillermo del Toro to to corista Enrique "El Gordo" Pérez to trombonist Carlos Álvarez.

To put it simply, if I were arriving at Havana Airport tonight, this would be the first band I'd be searching for. [Kevin Moore]
FLU --- 14:12:32 24.9.2016
FLU: a kdyz jsem tady nakousnul Soundway, pristi mesic tam vyjde album od Francouze (Portugalce?), ktery si rika iZem.
iZem - Hafa - Soundway Records
iZem | I Zem | Free Listening on SoundCloud

iZem (DJ set) - MusicBox Lisboa - 15.06.05.

(nektere mixy jsou sice ponekud divoke, ale jinak super set)
FLU --- 13:11:21 24.9.2016
starsi, lec zasadni kompilacka, kterou pro Soundway poskladal Will Holland.

VA - The Original Sound of Cumbia: The History of Colombian Cumbia & Porro As Told By The Phonograph 1948-79



This monumental 55-track compilation is the result of five years research by Will ‘Quantic’ Holland, the English DJ now based in Colombia. The first CD (or, if you prefer vinyl, the first three LPs) contains some of the earliest cumbia recordings, of 1940s and 1950s, taken from the original 78s, while the material for the second CD (the second triple LP album) is derived from the later 45s and LPs.
CHONGX --- 8:39:51 24.9.2016
Tak po delsi dobe ze zahradky remix pro Sotomayor.

Selva (Chong X Remix)