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CHONGX --- 8:41:21 9.3.2017
SPIPI --- 11:18:11 8.3.2017
Foráneo Cálido Pasmoso re.mixes (vol. 1)

A year after “Foráneo, Cálido, Pasmoso”, which led Jin Yerei to play in diverse scenarios in Argentina, Spain and Germany, FCP re.mixes was born, with reinterpretations from Barda, San Ignacio, El Remolón, dj karen, Juan Farcik, Camanchaca, Pol Nada, Abby Lee Tee (Austria), Neon Tundra (Canada), cha.cho (Ecuador), DJ Ground (Japan) and NILLO (Costa Rica).

Each remix is a free interpretation from the original one, expanding the sonic and rhythmic possibilities that provides each composition on FCP. This remixes dive in between different genres, such as Juan Farcik’s minimal jazz, dj karen’s tropical house, Abby Lee Tee and Camanchaca’s cinematic ambient, Neon Tundra’s leftfield, the dark and syncopated future bass from cha.cho y Nillo, Barda and San Ignacio’s minimalist ethnoelectronics, El Remolón’s acid bass and DJ Ground's experimental electronics.

Altogether, they create a sinergy which, despite of being embodied in various genres, uses the approach that Jin Yerei used to create FCP: endless nostalgia of nature applied to digital life in the context of the urban environment.

Art: e1605
Mastering: Nicolás Bruschi (@sidirum)
SPIPI --- 9:59:47 3.3.2017
XXII Episode 011 : Uji

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina - Luis M Maurette is a double major from Berklee College of Music. Going by the alias Uji....

uji | Free Listening on SoundCloud
ONDRAASOVKA --- 16:44:07 15.2.2017

GUAZÚ’s self-titled first release takes us on a voyage across the soundscapes and landscapes of Latin America, from humid rainforests, to wide plains, from the Andes mountain range to sprawling cities. The release opens with the mysterious and dubby “Guazú” before delving into a rhythmic journey painted with marimbas, bombo legüeros, warm guitars, kalimbas and birdsong but always centred around the rich percussive legacy of Latin America.

GUAZÚ | Shika Shika
DON_PEDROPOULOS --- 13:40:24 14.2.2017
Lagartijeando - El Gran Podor - El Nogal De Las Pampas [clip] / Camino En Llamas [clip] / La Memoria Del Viento [clip] / Antofagasta De La Sierra [clip] / Lunita (feat. Barrio Lindo) [clip] / Tecnoticlan [clip] / Gran Poder [clip] / Otoño [clip] / Chukisaka Sublow PR [clip] / Sueno Des Plantas [clip] (***NOTE : THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ITEM***) Wonderwheel WONDERLP23Vinyl Record
CHONGX --- 16:26:21 5.2.2017
Residente - Somos Anormales (Official Video)[Explicit]
PUKPUK --- 20:11:14 3.2.2017
Konečně jsme se dokopali k promo setu.

Tropical/tribal dj set (Husha) + live percussion (puk-puk)
Bassta Sound - promo set 01 by Bassta Fidli Crew | Mixcloud