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Torchlight [Diablo reloaded] - jeste jeden level a du spat...
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IGRACEK --- 0:45:28 18.2.2011
We are proud to announce that Torchlight will be coming to Xbox 360 as a part of Microsoft’s House Party promotion in Spring 2011!

Torchlight Coming to XBLA - Torchlight - Runic Games

Q: What has been changed to make the game work on the 360?

A: The UI is COMPLETELY overhauled from the ground up. Nothing works the same. All new art and navigation. The concept of item ’slots’ is done away with – you just have a number of items you can hold ( 50 – ignores stack counts ). Potions and scrolls stack up to 99. Potions ‘auto pick’ the best potion to heal you or regen mana. You don’t have to think about it or map it. We iterated on the UI a ridiculous amount.

You can have 4 active mapped skills at a time, and a secondary set that you can swap between (using the dpad) for 8 mapped skills. Most of us actually find it easier to use a variety of skills on the console vs. PC, oddly enough.

Force feedback is in for quakes, strikes, low health heartbeats, and tugs on the fishing line :) Feels nice.


Torchlight Coming to XBLA - Torchlight - Runic Games
CHEWBACCA --- 11:13:21 9.10.2010
vim ze uplne OT ale zacal sem parit az ted torchlight 1 nejak sem nemel dotedka cas a docela mne to bavi akorat nevim jak kam dal , doly sem prolezl uz dvakrat a ten hrad nebo co to je ten taky a jedu to furt dokola. kam se dostanu dal do jinyho prostredi nebo levelu ci aktu nebo co?
ZELGARIS --- 7:05:23 23.8.2010
YouTube - Gramy w Torchlight II - tvgry.pl
ZELGARIS --- 7:04:56 23.8.2010
GameStar Video: Torchlight 2 - gamescom-Vorschau: Endlich Multiplayer
ZELGARIS --- 7:04:39 23.8.2010
YouTube - Torchlight 2 boss fight (Gamescom '10)
NECROMAN --- 20:55:11 22.8.2010
ZELGARIS: trochu to pripomina WoWko v tom demicku :)