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Musicbrainz.org - identifikujte vaše hudební soubory a zapíše správné tagy
Musicbrainz je metadatabáze která si dává za cíl uspořádat co nejkomplexněji informace o hudebnících, albech, trackách. Data můžete použít k otagování svých vlastních hudebních souborů a to na základě audiofingerprintu tj. podle toho jak písnička zní.

WIN/LIN/MAC (Potřebuje python) - Oficiální Picard Tagger http://musicbrainz.org/doc/Picard_Tagger
WIN/LIN/MAC (potřebuje javu) - Jaikoz (uloží 20 tracků na jedno spuštění, funkce bez omezení ) - http://www.jthink.net/jaikoz/ - Když zaplatíte, tak samozřejmě ne :) Jaikoz costs £15 GDP (about $22 US)
MAC iEatBrainz - Klient pro MACOS - http://sourceforge.net/projects/ieatbrainz/
Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
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Mateřský projekt

Welcome to AcousticBrainz!

The AcousticBrainz project aims to crowd source acoustic information for all music in the world and to make it available to the public. This acoustic information describes the acoustic characteristics of music and includes low-level spectral information and information for genres, moods, keys, scales and much more. The goal of AcousticBrainz is to provide music technology researchers and open source hackers with a massive database of information about music. We hope that this database will spur the development of new music technology research and allow music hackers to create new and interesting recommendation engines.
FATBOZZ --- 0:01:31 1.4.2013
Picard 1.2 released
od autora Michael Wiencek

Version 1.2 of Picard has been released today, with some notable features and bug fixes.

As announced recently, PUID support is being removed from MusicBrainz on October 15. This release of Picard has followed suit by removing all support for AmpliFIND/PUID scanning and submission. AcoustID is now the default (and only) method of scanning files. If you’re currently using AmpliFIND as your fingerprinting system, then after installing Picard 1.2 you must enable AcoustID in your options, under the “Fingerprinting” section.

Those who have the Picard cover art plugin installed will likely want to remove it. Picard 1.2 has built-in support for downloading cover images from a variety of sources, without the need for a plugin. Please see the new configuration under Options -> Cover Art.

Something important to note for people who build/package Picard is that Python 2.6 is now the minimum required version.

Special thanks to Wieland Hoffmann, Laurent Monin, Lukáš Lalinský, and everyone who’s helped contribute/report bugs for this release!

Picard 1.2 can be downloaded at:

Changes since 1.1:

Picard now requires at least Python 2.6
Removed support for AmpliFIND/PUIDs
Add support for the Ogg Opus file format
It’s now possible to download cover images without any plugin. Cover Art Archive images can be downloaded by image type
Improved directory scanning performance
Prefer already-loaded releases of the same RG when matching files
Allow dropping new files onto specific targets
Add basic collections management support (PICARD-84)
Allow adding custom tags in the tag editing dialog (PICARD-349)
Fix replacing of Windows-incompatible characters (PICARD-393)
Save both primary and secondary release types (PICARD-240)
Handle errors from the AcoustID service better (PICARD-391)
Accept HTTPS URLs on drag-and-drop (PICARD-378)
FATBOZZ --- 21:46:00 3.6.2012
Picard 1.0 released « MusicBrainz Blog

Picard 1.0 released

Lukáš Lalinský announced the long-awaited release of Picard 1.0 today:

It took us a long time to get here, but I’m very happy to announce the release of Picard 1.0!

This version includes a new UI for viewing tags, some options have been rearranged and a number of bugs fixed. The file naming formats for single and various artist releases have been merged. If you were using a different format for various artist releases, Picard will upgrade the format automatically for you, but you might need to review the result. This version also comes with support for two audio fingerprinting solutions (AcoustID and AmpliFIND), but fingerprint scanning is disabled by default – you have to enable it and choose which one you want to use first.

Many thanks to Robert Kaye (ruaok), Phillipp Wolfer (outsidecontext), Michael Wiencek (bitmap), Chad Wilson (voiceinsideyou) and many many others who helped the project along the way from 2003 when it was started!

You can download the new version at:

If you notice any problems, please report them at:

Complete list of changes since version 0.16:

New UI: Extended comparison of existing vs. MB metadata & tags (PICARD-43)
Merged the renaming and moving options pages
Removed the VA file naming format option (there is now a single format option) (PICARD-159)
Add %license% tag
Made %writer% available to tagger scripts and plugins with contents of songwriter (PICARD-21)
Allow two multi-valued variables to be merged in tagger scripting (PICARD-139)
Allow multi-valued variables to be transformed in tagger script and then set back in tags as multi-valued (PICARD-147)
Fix $copy not preserving multi-value variables as documented (PICARD-138)
Load/save free-text tags for ID3 as TXXX frames (PICARD-148)
Fix writing of MusicBrainz Work Id / musicbrainz_workid to tags (PICARD-88)
Handle mimetype for embedding cover art from EXIF jpegs (PICARD-27)
Change cover art box to open MusicBrainz release rather than Amazon
Support manual drag-and-drop of cover art onto a release via cover art box
Only open browser on left-click of cover art box (PICARD-190)
Fix Lookup in Browser (previously ‘tag lookup’) for clusters (PICARD-186)
Lookup in Browser will now not use MBIDs to lookup unmatched files/clusters
Add Date/Country to CD Lookup results dialog (PICARD-198)
Fix/reset album folksonomy tag counts while refreshing releases (PICARD-4)
Plugins actions can now create sub-menus using the MENU class attribute
New plugin hook register_clusterlist_action
Display the port Picard is listening on at bottom right status bar (PICARD-191)
Make album drops from right hand pane to left default to “unmatched files” again (PICARD-33)
Remove .DS_Store, desktop.ini, and Thumbs.db from otherwise empty directories (PICARD-75)
Update artist translation to use new alias features (primary flag, sort names) (PICARD-200)
Deleted tags aren’t indicated as changes (PICARD-165)
Picard log entries have inaccurate timestamp (PICARD-45)
Interface doesn’t allow keyboard only management (PICARD-103)
Added option to preserve timestamps of tagged files (PICARD-31)
Added keyboard shortcut to reload release (PICARD-99)
Medium formats weren’t listed in order in the “Other versions” menu (PICARD-91)
Couldn’t select multiple directories in “Add Folder” window on OS X (PICARD-74)

FATBOZZ --- 21:52:25 18.5.2011

NGS is live!

We’ve made it! NGS is live! Thanks to everyone who worked on this massive project!
FATBOZZ --- 15:19:18 6.3.2011
Picard 0.13 released | Lukáš Lalinský
FATBOZZ --- 17:51:04 23.7.2010
Nový jaikoz BETA
Konecne poradny uklid s Discogs

New Features

* Added AutoCorrect Metadata from Discogs,this works works like AutoCorrect Metadata from Musicbrainz except it is for Discogs. So you can now match all those songs that Musicbrainz failed to find, even better Discogs contains lots of information that you may not have for your existing Musicbrainz matched songs such as genres and higher resolution cover art. Correct Songs from Discogs is release orientated rather than track orientated so it keeps your tracks together, Musicbrainz will be moving this way in the next release.
* Added Preferences/Remote Correct/Preferred media formats option, this should be set to represent the majority of your Music collection to get better matches. For example if your collection is 90% CD's just check the CD option, if its 60% CD, 35% Vinyl and 5% Digital Media check the CD and Vinyl options. Currently this option is only used when matching from Discogs but will be extended to support matching from Musicbrainz.
* Added support for completing the Disc No and Track Total fields from Discogs.
* Added Preferences/Remote Correct/Discogs/Replace if empty or no Musicbrainz Id , now that Discogs can be used to correct songs this allows you to specify that existing field. values should be overwritten unless that song already has a Musicbrainz Id.
* Added Edit/Set Value providing an easy way to set the all fields to a user entered value without needing to do a separate Copy and Paste

FATBOZZ --- 11:20:47 28.10.2009
Picard 0.12 « MusicBrainz Blog
FATBOZZ --- 18:14:12 24.7.2009
Hlavně napište co jste třeba nenašli, může to tu někdo doplnit, je to jako WIKI.
Užitečná věc pro greasemonkey DISCOGS=>MUSICBRAINZ http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/36376
FATBOZZ --- 11:42:05 24.7.2009
ESTEN: Jestli si chces udelat bordel v tagách tak je i plugin na to aby picard tahal tagy z last.fm zbytek zde http://musicbrainz.org/doc/PicardQt/Plugins
ESTEN --- 11:34:02 24.7.2009
Nejaky doporuceni na pluginy do picarda? Pouzivam jen plugin na album arty a jsem navysost spokojenej, ale vzdycky se rad necham poucit .)