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Left 4 Dead / L4D2

Left 4 Dead (L4D) je kooperativní multiplayerová horrorová střílečka, založená na enginu Source.

L4D Trailer , L4D2 Trailer
Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
CROMWELL --- 15:42:44 30.12.2011
PETRPEDROS --- 21:39:40 29.12.2011
Co ta mapa cernobyl? Vypada dobre :D

Chernobyl (L4D2) - L4Dmaps.com
CROMWELL --- 12:14:44 25.12.2011
_LEPIK_: tak jasně, ale ten "začátek" je vynikající, pak už je to jen klasická "řežba"
já to l4d2 snad zase vytáhnu :)
_LEPIK_ --- 11:59:47 25.12.2011
CROMWELL: osobne mi kazi dojem ta banda dalsich superhrdinu.. ale.. dobry je to, no :)
CROMWELL --- 11:48:00 25.12.2011
_LEPIK_: dokonalý !!!!!!!
HADIAK --- 13:15:02 24.12.2011
tipujem, ze tu ma uz asi kazdy L4D (1) GOTY, ale ak by sa niekto naahodou nasiel co ho nema a chcel by, tak sa mozme dohodnut, ako som uz pisal vedla v auditku: [ HADIAK @ STEAM Powered Gamers ☺ [Alien Swarm, L4D, CSS, TF2, Insurgency, Red Orchestra, ...] ] (vymenou za to najlacnejsie (4.99 €) co mam vo wishliste).
DZS --- 15:20:11 20.12.2011
_LEPIK_: Not available on mobile device, grr..
_LEPIK_ --- 1:09:23 18.12.2011
_LEPIK_ --- 0:59:40 17.12.2011
Left 4 Dead Blog

Holiday Update
December 16, 2011 - L4D Team

If you have been playing Left 4 Dead 2 for a bit, you probably have your own lists of who is naughty and who is nice. We already make it easy for you to track who is being nice – we have the Steam Friends list. But we know people can rage, players can grief, and some people… well some people you just don’t want to play another game with.

For those special people, we have the blocked list. Think of it as your own personal naughty list. Not only will those people not be getting gifts from you this holiday season, they also won’t be joining you in any games, reindeer or otherwise.

Once you add someone to your blocked list, they will not be able to join your game. This means they are blocked through the lobby interface, the server browser, the recently played list, and even direct connecting. They are gone from your life.

This does also mean if a friend invites them to your game, they will be blocked. It also prevents you from joining a game where there is a player you have blocked. If it was a mistake or you kissed and made up, you can always unblock them and everything will return to normal.

How do you block someone? You can simply block any user from within the Steam Community page, Steam chats, or your Steam Friends list. Players can also be blocked while in a game via the Steam Overlay, which provides an easy path to both locate and block current and recent players from joining your future matches.

Don’t worry about offending someone with your block. As always, your blocks are private. Only you can see the list of people you’ve blocked. And again, don’t worry about making a mistake blocking, you can always unblock someone at any time.

What games will support your block? Left 4 Dead 2 is the first. We want to test it here. CS:GO will be next and then we will continue to add games that use Steamworks matchmaking.

So now that you have your lists, what about gifts for you in today’s updates?

First we have some bug fixes. We have a fix for the problem of Tanks not consistently spawning in the finales. Prodigysim (once again) correctly identified when the issue was introduced and helped us track it down. Thanks!

We fixed the problem of dying when you win Death Toll and we mixed up the distribution of melee weapons in the new campaigns (we do read the forums) .

We are also back with custom campaigns. Today we are adding I Hate Mountains ( Download ) to the rotation and have an updated version of Suicide Blitz 2. If you missed it, RT Frisk made a special version of Suicide Blitz 2 to help with a marriage proposal. Ohh…

Lastly… well what are those things in Versus? What’s this new achievement? You’re gonna have to play a round and find out.