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Krautrock / 60s70s Electronic / No Wave / New Wave / Postpunk
Menší transmutace názvu a zeměření fóra.
Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
AMALGAM --- 14:26:00 30.3.2012
coz mi pripomina, jaktoze tu nenachazim v historii Factory Floor?

Factory Floor - A Wooden Box - YouTube
AMALGAM --- 14:11:29 30.3.2012
[ AMALGAM @ experimental is not a genre :: haters gonna hate ] Carter Tutti Void - Transverse (2012, Mute)
NALLE --- 9:40:55 28.3.2012

Phillip Wilkerson – The Stars and Afterward (2012)

www.NewAlbumReleases.net_Ph…rar (142,91 MB) - uploaded.to

jde z toho hodne cejtit berlinska skola
LAYUP --- 23:19:38 27.3.2012
Sean by si mel snad patentovat ten svuj rukopis, arpegio jizda

Martial Canterel /// Playfair - YouTube
BIRLIBAN --- 16:15:04 25.3.2012
MIKEH --- 14:41:30 19.3.2012
NALLE: jestli je letos nikdo nepozve do Prahy, tak si je snad zaplatim sam :) genialni...
NALLE --- 9:11:43 19.3.2012

Food Pyramid - Mango Sunrise (Moon Glyph, 2012)

An experimental, Krautrock-inspired trio out of Minneapolis, MN, Food Pyramid features multi-instrumentalists C. Farstak, C. Hontona, and M. Weather (aka Chris Farstad, Chris Hontos, and Michael Wethington, respectively). Drawing inspiration from everything from gamelan to film scores to Latin jazz to Ash Ra Tempel, the group released I, the first album of a planned trilogy, as a cassette on Moonglyph in 2010.


VOJTABOSS --- 16:37:46 18.3.2012
ALADAR42: nevim, jestli je to v jejich možnostech, každopádně z A.M. 180 Collective je tu ID: NEWAN.
taky bych je rád viděl.
NALLE --- 9:50:36 14.3.2012

Panabrite – Soft Terminal (2012)

For someone who seems to have been around forever, not least on this blog, it came as a surprise to read that Soft Terminal is actually to be considered the proper debut LP by Seattle drone/ambient mainstay Norm Chambers aka Panabrite. What I’ve always admired most about his music is that despite all his playful experimentalism that frequently results in breathtakingly complex arrangements and layer over layer of analogue synthesis, each single track always remains instantly accessible and almost effortlessly enjoyable, and the eight tracks on Soft Terminal are no exception to this. In fact, maybe his music has even never been more accessible than on tracks like “Janus”, which adds a finger-picked acoustic guitar to the mix, or the sublime album opener “Rainbow Sequence”, which you may listen to below, that starts with a heavily processed voice and simple, delayed chords before the composition develops a massive, sprawling soundscape that can only be called jaw-dropping. This is a superb effort, something we cannot recommend enough.

www.NewAlbumReleases.net_Pa…rar (95,87 MB) - uploaded.to