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Krautrock / 60s70s Electronic / No Wave / New Wave / Postpunk
Menší transmutace názvu a zeměření fóra.
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ONDRAT --- 14:49:32 28.9.2011
LAYUP: vsak jsou v rijnu na sedmicce ,)
LAYUP --- 10:06:50 26.9.2011
BIRLIBAN: Jsem se konecne dostal k Nightsatanum a musim rict, ze slusna jizda
SAMGARR --- 20:09:55 25.9.2011
NALLE --- 12:25:03 22.9.2011
me ted dost bavi tenhle ambientik, vyslo ted v reedici na smalltown supersound


Pechenga - Helt Borte

Download Pechenga-Helt_Borte-WEB-2011-BNP.rar for free on Filesonic.com

Originally issued in Norway in 2007 when it sold 57 copies, 'Helt Borte' is the icy-cool debut album from Rune Lindbaek and Cato Farstad. Billed as an ambient record, I can definitely see where they get the term from, but this is far from the floaty Eno-esque soundscapes you might expect. In fact the most appropriate comparison I can bring to mind is Jean Michelle Jarre, and this duo have a similar grasp of jubilant melody and similar passion for late 70s/early 80s synthesizer sounds that manages to make up the beating heart of their music. The pre-occupation right now with woozy 16-bit synthesizer melodies (as explored on the ever-reliable Gift Tapes label) was kind of pre-empted here. At times I feel like I could be playing an import-only Super Nintendo RPG (albeit with slightly higher res sound), and the deft transcendent atmospheres don't take long to drag you into their soft-focus parallax realms. Recommended.

Pechenga - Gitaro (Smalltown Supersound) - YouTube

LAYUP --- 8:44:12 22.9.2011
BIRLIBAN: Slusny psycho.. nejradsi mam "We are we" z alba. Jinak nevim jestli tu uz nekdy probehla tahle dvojice ze San Franciska, kazdopadne skvela psychedelie.

Moon Duo - Dead West (Live on KEXP) - YouTube
BIRLIBAN --- 0:18:31 22.9.2011
LAYUP --- 16:44:44 21.9.2011
Conrad Schnitzler & Borngräber & Strüver – Con-Struct


Download Conrad_Schnitzler_and_Borngraber_and_Struver-Con-Struct-(MM007CD)-WEB-2011-MPX.rar for free on Filesonic.com
BIRLIBAN --- 12:03:20 20.9.2011
Roll The Dice - In Dust (2011)
ambient / krautrock / electronic

Roll The Dice - In Dust - YouTube