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Krautrock / 60s70s Electronic / No Wave / New Wave / Postpunk
Menší transmutace názvu a zeměření fóra.
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KAATHA --- 13:54:50 29.9.2010
neco z Ialie - soucasny kolibky minimal cold wave a podobnejch
Newclear Waves on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
KAATHA --- 11:52:50 29.9.2010
Máma Bubo - Planeta Haj (1985)



New Wave, Minimal Electronic, Experimental

Karel Babuljak (also in Sajkedelik Šraml Band, Boothill, Kapela, Babalet etc.) - keyboards, voice, percussion
Jiří Charypar (also in Švihadlo, Babalet, Marsyas etc.) - el. guitar, voice, percussion
Vlastislav Matoušek (also in Relaxace, Yamabu etc.) - bass guitar, voice, percussion
Zdeněk Duroň (also in Babalet) - drums

dalsi veci tu: http://saltyka.blogspot.com/2007/06/mama-bubo-planet-haj-1985.html
KILL77 --- 7:57:50 26.9.2010
Richard Pinhas / Merzbow / Wolf Eyes - Metal / Crystal
CD1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GXO51IR9
CD2: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=D7MU68QV
MIKEH --- 21:40:18 15.9.2010
ORLOCK: skvele!
ORLOCK --- 15:10:02 15.9.2010

Le Révélateur - Motion Flares [Root Strata, 2010]


genre : krautrock

The standard of this current batch of Root Strata cassettes is dizzyingly high. This album-length outing from Montreal-based musician Roger Tellier-Craig arrives in the same week as a host of fine tapes, including something of a classic in the shape of Keith Fullerton Whitman's imperious Generator. As with the Whitman release, Motion Flares worships at the altar of the analogue synthesizer, but rather than take Whitman's more methodical and studious approach, Le Révélateur channels the spirit of all things kosmische, spinning hugely impressive and addictively melodic compositions from circuitry that sounds like its been plucked straight out of Düsseldorf circa 1971. Clearly Tellier-Craig is no fly-by-night kosmische revivalist: these four pieces are masterfully accomplished works, both in terms of the ingenious array of sounds on show and the complex, modal harmonies he puts to use. The first piece, 'Arco Naturale' shows his contemporaries how it's done, laying down a bed of swirling, shimmering tonality that slowly accumulates form and rhythmic structure, evolving into a pulsating, summery affair that would make any of Le Révélateur's krautrock forefathers proud. The remaining three pieces delve deeper using this same compositional formula, with 'Statues' offering the album's most concise and most propulsive moment, while 'During Different Flights' and 'Le Bleu Des Origines' aren't dissimilar to Emeralds' most heavily arpeggiated and layered work, though there's certainly a more reverently retro tone on show here than anything in the Elliott, Hauschildt and McGuire corpus. Fans of all things descended from Tangerine Dream and Cluster are sure to find much to appreciate on Motion Flares.



JONY --- 18:46:42 5.8.2010
5.října ve Finalu : Naked on the Vague + Nonhorse

SAMGARR --- 11:43:23 5.8.2010
The Transisters - How To Irritate People
kdyz bude zajem uploadnu i debut tyhle bandy
KAATHA --- 13:37:58 2.8.2010
Soviet Soviet - Marksman (2009)


new wave/post punk

1.Royal Casino
4.First Man, Then Machine