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" Zazen je velka cesta, velka stezka. Je to zniceni nazoru, existence a neexistence, zivota, smrti, je to zniceni viry ve vecnost, v zanik. Je to nedualita. To, cemu nas uci zazen, je prava povaha vsech veci. Zazen odtina vsechny nase pochyby. Musime cvicit s velkou radosti. Toto cviceni je hluboke a tajemne, nikdo ho nemuze zmerit. Svetlo zazenu je jako jas slunce. Toto cviceni je nekonecne. "

- Mistr Debailly

"Zazen je nejhlubší odpověď na všechny otázky, které si člověk může položit.“

- Rev. Debailly

Zazen (dhyana) - buddhisticka meditace-koncentrace


Dódžó Myo ji

po: 18:30; čt: 18:30


15. července otevíráme nové dojo v Plzni na adrese Němejcova 6.
Denní praxe bude probíhat pod vedením zenového mistra Seï Yu Debailly.

Zazeny budou probíhat každý všední den ráno od 6:30 do 7:30 a večer od 18:00 do 19:00.

Zen dojo Plzeň

po, út, čt: 19:00-20:00, ranní praxe po domluvě


Zen dojo při Česko-Japonské společnosti

út: 6:15 - 8:00, 19:15 - 21:00; čt: 6:15 - 8:00


čt: 18:45 - 21:30

Zen-buddhismus v České republice

Škola sótó ( Taisen Deshimaru přenesl praxi zenu v 60.letech do Evropy)

Zazen v česko-japonské společnosti na Můstku


Sangha mistra Kaisena - dojo Praha, Brno, Ostrava


Sangha mistra Debaillyho


Zen Dojo v Plzni

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
??? --- 21:58:42 19.1.2017
When the Retreat is Over -- Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche – Lion's Roar
KOCOURMIKES --- 9:48:36 17.1.2017
Quantum Physics and Prasangika Buddhist View

"From the 'I' and the aggregates of body/mind, down to the atomic particles, everything is labeled on another label. Something is imputed to one base, which is labeled on another base, and that base is labeled on another base. Everything exists being labeled. Everything is a label, starting with our aggregates of body/mind. So, from the I and the aggregates of body/mind down to the atomic particles, everything is completely empty of existing from its own side. The concrete things that appear to us are hallucinations."
Lama Zopa

Quantum Physics professor at Oxford, England, Vlatko Vedral:

"But Buddhism tells us that we should not confuse the label with the object. More importantly, just because we have a label for something, it does not mean that this something is real. Quantum physics is indeed very much in agreement with Buddhistic emptiness."

"Discovering a particle means observing certain effects which are accepted as proof of its existence.’ Eddington claims here that a particle is just a set of labels that we use to describe outcomes of our measurements. And that’s it. It all boils down to a relation between our measurements and our labels!"

Richard Conn Henry, Professor in the Henry A. Rowland Department of Physics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins:

"There is another benefit of seeing the world as quantum mechanical: someone who has learned to accept that nothing exists but observations (descriptions) is far ahead of peers who stumble through physics hoping to find out ‘what things are’. "

"In place of “underlying stuff ” there have been serious attempts to preserve a material world — but they produce no new physics, and serve only to preserve an illusion."
As Sir Arthur Eddington explained: “It is difficult for the matter-of-fact physicist to accept the view that the substratum of everything is of mental character.”
KOCOURMIKES --- 0:48:31 12.1.2017
Seeing it Clearly is Being It

If you close your eyes, you can notice an inner space of awareness in which various mental events as thoughts and images appear and disappear. Notice this for a couple of minutes.

If you then rest in just this awareness of noticing the inner traffic within that space, the mental events will begin to slow down and one's mind will eventually become more still and clear. At this point shift attention from the diminishing mental events and just sense the empty, aware space in which all experience is appearing. That empty, aware space is the Mind of Clear Light; your changeless Buddha Mind that is always perfect.

It's the mental traffic and perceptions appearing in It as thoughts, that describes a self, a world and the narrative concerning that self; the story of "me". But the aware cognitive space that is hosting all those thought appearances is untouched by all and everything appearing in It.

So you see, your perfect Buddha Mind, the empty Mind of Clear Light, was never in need of any study, teachings, purification or practices. It never changes, only the visitors change that come and go.

This is what "instantaneous enlightenment" is pointing to. Don't "think" that more is needed; that would just be the next visiting thought talking.


It becomes clear that no self of any kind is part of the "empty awareness", it's just a thought/image that appears and disappears harmlessly. The "self" thought is no one itself and no one owns it. It appears as the momentary visitor; "I" and "me" along with "mine".


KOCOURMIKES --- 16:23:36 9.1.2017
One can't fully relax without realization of twofold emptiness:

Mipham Rinpoche composed a brief text called The Beacon of Certainty, in which he states:

"In order to have perfect certainty in Dzogchen kadag (primordial purity, emptiness), one must have perfect understanding of the view of the Madhyamaka Prasangika. Kadag, or original, primordial purity, is the view of Dzogchen, and in order to perfect that view, one must perfect one’s understanding of the Middle Way Prasangika view. What this implies is that the view of Dzogchen kadag (primordial purity, emptiness) and the view of the Prasangika school are the same."
KOCOURMIKES --- 14:44:00 6.1.2017
The Basic Principles of Dzogchen

1. Pure Awareness (rigpa) is the single and unique ultimate truth. Everything else is its radiance. You are only that ultimate truth, never a derivative. It is empty of being any material substance, form or shape and has no location in space or time.

2. All phenomena, all appearances, and all mental/emotional/physical states exist only as radiant projections (tsal) of that awareness (rigpa) and occur only within one's Mind.

3. There is no objective, independent universe "out there". There is a universal field (dang)of energetic wisdom-information (yeshe) that "informs" and enforms all experience as to how the projections appear.

4. Your body is an energetic construct as a coherent field of information or wisdom (yeshe) that non-volitionally appears in your Mind.

5. All appearances, forms, objects, creatures, persons, and individual beings are energetic, mental constructs.

6. Your actual and only beingness is an aware and knowing empty space of pure awareness that hosts all its projections, like a changeless empty mirror that hosts all reflections inseparably, friction free.

7. The self-appearances or self-projections never condition the empty mirror of pure awareness from which they arise.

8. The seeker or practitioner is itself awareness's or rigpa's momentary energetic projection of a secondary self-consciousness. The projection or reflection can never become the projector.

(During the time that a secondary self-consciousness is being actively projected, the wisdom of the ultimate truth is cognitively absent within that secondary consciousness; which is its basic ignorance)

9. When the seeker or individual secondary consciousness is no longer being projected actively, only the projector remains, and automatically knows itself as to its own nature as being the changeless ultimate.

10. By "authentically looking inward" at itself, the projected secondary self-consciousness as the seeker, sees its empty nature and automatically dissolves.

11. The successful act of "looking inward" can be the result of a "pointing out" through a teacher, a book, a text, a video or audio, or a well placed moment of inner perception upon the empty nature of awareness itself.

12. When the act of "looking inward" has served its purpose successfully, the projecting of the "self-consciousness as the seeker" ceases and the ultimate truth is known by Itself instantly.

13. Then a newly "informed" consciousness (Buddha Mind) arises with an altruistic motivation for the benefit of all and acts accordingly: exactly as projected from its vital and living inner core of wisdom, unconditional love and compassion.

14. The purpose or reason behind this entire cosmic (or comic) cycle of creative activity is
contained within a very rare and most ancient, unwritten དགོངས་གཏེར་, gong ter teaching known as the "Protocols of Rigpa". The final (unwritten) scroll summarizes and reveals this perfectly in only four words and is fully contained in its title:

"The Sport of Buddhas".

Jackson Peterson
KOCOURMIKES --- 22:04:51 31.12.2016
Whatever arises is devoid of self-nature.
Appearances are auto-liberated into the Sphere of Reality (Dharmadhatu).
Conceptual creation is auto-liberated into Absolute Gnosis (Mahajnana).
The non-duality [of these two] is the Dharmakaya.

For those fortunate to connect with this teaching,
I have uttered these words of heartfelt instruction.
Thus, may all sentient beings
become established in Mahamudra.
KOCOURMIKES --- 21:41:01 31.12.2016
Mahamudra is knowing that
all things are one's own mind.
Seeing objects as external is just noetic projection.
The whole of "appearance" is as empty as a dream.

The mind as such is merely a flow of awareness,
without self-nature, moving where it will like the wind.
Empty of an identity, it is like space.
All phenomena, like space, are the same.

That which is termed Mahamudra,
Is not a "thing" that can be pointed to.
It is the mind's own nature
that is Mahamudra [i.e., the Absolute State].

Natural Awareness: Mahamudra texts
KOCOURMIKES --- 21:07:04 31.12.2016
If you were ever interested in Buddhism please book this site :

Buddhism - Google+
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„Dokonce ani nejvyšší pohled nebo dokonalé chování nemůže samo o sobě změnit strukturu mysli. K tomu potřebujeme meditaci.“
- Hannah Nydahlová
KOCOURMIKES --- 19:39:47 31.12.2016
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