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" Zazen je velka cesta, velka stezka. Je to zniceni nazoru, existence a neexistence, zivota, smrti, je to zniceni viry ve vecnost, v zanik. Je to nedualita. To, cemu nas uci zazen, je prava povaha vsech veci. Zazen odtina vsechny nase pochyby. Musime cvicit s velkou radosti. Toto cviceni je hluboke a tajemne, nikdo ho nemuze zmerit. Svetlo zazenu je jako jas slunce. Toto cviceni je nekonecne. "

- Mistr Debailly

"Zazen je nejhlubší odpověď na všechny otázky, které si člověk může položit.“

- Rev. Debailly

Zazen (dhyana) - buddhisticka meditace-koncentrace


Dódžó Myo ji

po: 18:30; čt: 18:30


15. července otevíráme nové dojo v Plzni na adrese Němejcova 6.
Denní praxe bude probíhat pod vedením zenového mistra Seï Yu Debailly.

Zazeny budou probíhat každý všední den ráno od 6:30 do 7:30 a večer od 18:00 do 19:00.

Zen dojo Plzeň

po, út, čt: 19:00-20:00, ranní praxe po domluvě


Zen dojo při Česko-Japonské společnosti

út: 6:15 - 8:00, 19:15 - 21:00; čt: 6:15 - 8:00


čt: 18:45 - 21:30

Zen-buddhismus v České republice

Škola sótó ( Taisen Deshimaru přenesl praxi zenu v 60.letech do Evropy)

Zazen v česko-japonské společnosti na Můstku


Sangha mistra Kaisena - dojo Praha, Brno, Ostrava


Sangha mistra Debaillyho


Zen Dojo v Plzni

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
KOCOURMIKES --- 11:53:45 26.3.2017
Stop speculating and follow these instructions :

Primary Transmission of the Non-Gradual Path

If anyone really wants to experience directly what Dzogchen, Mahamudra and Zen are pointing to; I feel nothing more is necessary then what's posted below. I include two of my "pointing out" texts which include pith instructions from several Dzogchen masters and five key videos that should all together represent a complete teaching and transmission of the "non-gradual" path.

That being so, we don't really need to engage in a lot of detailed philosophical or academic questions and discussions "about" Dzogchen.

My purpose is to share a living experience that can transform confusion into insightful clarity, suffering into joy, and selfishness into compassion and unconditional love; rather than hosting groups for discussions "about" theory and related topics.

So, why don't we focus uniquely on the topics below until everyone has some real direct experience? Let's work through what obstacles seem to prevent this from being fully experienced for each of you.

Complete Instructions for Dzogchen Atiyoga

"Relax into basic space beyond beginning and end,” introduces the nature of mind. Once you recognize it, there is no need to wait for another time in the future. Basic space never began and does not end in any way whatsoever. Rigpa never began and does not end. It is totally endless, utterly beginningless."
Tulku Urgyen

"This wakefulness that is primordially pure is the empty quality of the nature of our mind. In the moment when we recognize our nature, we do not see any ‘thing’ whatsoever. It is already utterly pure and perfect. That is exactly what we call primordial purity. Inseparable from that is a quality of knowing: we are cognizant, at the same time. This is the spontaneous presence. These two aspects are indivisible."
Tulku Urgyen

Direct Introduction to Pure Awareness (rigpa in Tibetan):

Sit in a comfortable posture in a well lit and bright room or outdoor space.

Close your eyes.

Notice the color at your closed eyelids. It will usually seem like an orangey color with brownish or gray tinges. Whatever the color, just observe the color that seems to be in front of your awareness that's noticing the colors.

Now, instead of attention being on the colors at the eyelids; notice that which is the "observing" awareness that knows the colors are present. Bring attention from the object to the subject side that is doing the observing.

"There is an oral instruction about the way to look. It is said,
“It is as though your eyes were looking through the back of your head instead of looking forwards.” Mingyur Rinpoche

"It is as though your eyes are looking backwards instead of forwards as they usually do. You are looking out with your eyes but are looking back at the same time. Do not try too hard with this though, otherwise you will really make a big mistake. You just sort of look back ..." Mingyur Rinpoche

Notice the empty nature of your own awareness that is observing. There is an empty space of awareness that knows itself, but not as a thing with shape, form or substance.

"The way to do this is just to turn your attention slightly inward, not to look deeply inside, just to turn your focus from outward to inward in a very light way. The moment of recognizing this state is the blessings of the lineage." Tsoknyi Rinpoche

Being that empty, observing awareness; just notice again the colors at the eyelids. Do the colors alter or change your empty awareness or do they just appear in awareness like clouds appearing in a changeless sky? This analogy applies as well regarding all thoughts, images, sense of self, emotional energies, sensations and perceptions that also appear harmlessly in the empty space of changeless awareness.

Relax attention again and again from the colors or any inner phenomena, so that attention and the empty, observing awareness occupy the same exact space, inseparably so.

It's possible to notice the empty, transparent nature of your own observing awareness that deepens as one remains empty of attentiveness to any mental or perceptual content other than empty awareness itself.

"Without any in or any out - utter openness. How is it that ‘openness’? It’s empty, awake, luminous and simple..." Tsoknyi Rinpoche

Whatever occurs to the senses or mind, just leave everything as-is and relax in your native state of vivid and awake awareness. Your heightened awareness will guide your actions in life with great precision. There are no further instructions.

Here is an ancient quote from a fundamental Great Perfection Tantra, or scriptural text, called the “The Heaped Jewels.” It com­pletely summarizes the unique method of Dzogchen practice.

"When anyone rests in the natural state without concen­tration, understanding manifests in that individual’s mind, without someone having to teach all the words by which the mind understands these meanings. As this understanding dawns in the mind, all that is non-man­ifest and all sensory appearances, which in themselves entail no concepts, are seen to be naturally pure." (From
Longchenpa’s Precious Treasury, Padma Publications.)

Kalu Rinpoche:

"Mind is poised in the state of bare awareness, there is no directing the mind. One is not looking within for anything; one is not looking without for anything. One is simply letting the mind rest in its own natu­ral state. The empty, clear and unimpeded nature of mind can be experienced if we can rest in an uncon­trived state of bare awareness without distraction and without the spark of awareness being lost."

In daily life:

"It is easy to re-recognize it (rigpa). You just have to drop thinking and it is right there. There is not a lot to be done."
Mingyur Rinpoche

Seeing it Clearly is Being It

If you close your eyes, you can notice an inner space of awareness in which various mental events as thoughts and images appear and disappear. Notice this for a couple of minutes.

If you then rest in just this awareness of noticing the inner traffic within that space, the mental events will begin to slow down and one's mind will eventually become more still and clear. At this point shift attention from the diminishing mental events and just sense the empty, aware space in which all experience is appearing. That empty, aware space is the Mind of Clear Light; your changeless Buddha Mind that is always perfect.

It's the mental traffic and perceptions appearing in It as thoughts, that describes a self, a world and the narrative concerning that self; the story of "me". But the aware cognitive space that is hosting all those thought appearances is untouched by all and everything appearing in It.

So you see, your perfect Buddha Mind, the empty Mind of Clear Light, was never in need of any study, teachings, purification or practices. It never changes, only the visitors change that come and go.

This is what "instantaneous enlightenment" is pointing to. Don't "think" that more is needed; that would just be the next visiting thought talking.





KOCOURMIKES --- 8:23:10 26.3.2017
Kdo tě dokáže naštvat, ten tě ovládá.

~ Buddha
KOCOURMIKES --- 18:10:02 25.3.2017
KOCOURMIKES --- 9:39:35 24.3.2017
??? --- 22:35:20 20.3.2017
KOCOURMIKES: ach ano, diky za pripomenuti
TEDDYBEDDY --- 7:33:22 17.3.2017
Bytí je živý sen hmoty.
TEDDYBEDDY --- 6:50:39 17.3.2017
Láska je energetický stav hmoty ve kterém se spojuje s vědomím.
KOCOURMIKES --- 6:01:42 7.3.2017
Hmotny svet je jenom vygenerovane silove pole. Nejsme telem, telo mame. Respektive jsme osoba, ego zapouzdrene v tele. Kdo medituje vi ze mame i vedomi, vcetne svateho vedomi. V tomto hmotnem svete je vsechno jenom derivative matrix s respektem k nejakemu poli, with respect to electric field, with respect to dipole field. Zivot, realita, vesmir je jako sen, vygenerovany sen hmoty, vedomi vazane na hmotu, ve hmote.