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" Zazen je velka cesta, velka stezka. Je to zniceni nazoru, existence a neexistence, zivota, smrti, je to zniceni viry ve vecnost, v zanik. Je to nedualita. To, cemu nas uci zazen, je prava povaha vsech veci. Zazen odtina vsechny nase pochyby. Musime cvicit s velkou radosti. Toto cviceni je hluboke a tajemne, nikdo ho nemuze zmerit. Svetlo zazenu je jako jas slunce. Toto cviceni je nekonecne. "

- Mistr Debailly

"Zazen je nejhlubší odpověď na všechny otázky, které si člověk může položit.“

- Rev. Debailly

Zazen (dhyana) - buddhisticka meditace-koncentrace


Dódžó Myo ji

po: 18:30; čt: 18:30


15. července otevíráme nové dojo v Plzni na adrese Němejcova 6.
Denní praxe bude probíhat pod vedením zenového mistra Seï Yu Debailly.

Zazeny budou probíhat každý všední den ráno od 6:30 do 7:30 a večer od 18:00 do 19:00.

Zen dojo Plzeň

po, út, čt: 19:00-20:00, ranní praxe po domluvě


Zen dojo při Česko-Japonské společnosti

út: 6:15 - 8:00, 19:15 - 21:00; čt: 6:15 - 8:00


čt: 18:45 - 21:30

Zen-buddhismus v České republice

Škola sótó ( Taisen Deshimaru přenesl praxi zenu v 60.letech do Evropy)

Zazen v česko-japonské společnosti na Můstku


Sangha mistra Kaisena - dojo Praha, Brno, Ostrava


Sangha mistra Debaillyho


Zen Dojo v Plzni

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
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Přirozenost všech jevů je neduální
ale každý z nich ve svem vlastnim stavu je mimo omezeni mysli
Neni zde pojmu jenz by mohl definovat stav 'toho co je'
ale vize se presto manifestuje: vse je dobre
Vse uz je dovrseno a tak prekonanim choroby vecneho usilovani
povstava prirozene dokonaly stav: to je kontemplace.
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INK_FLO: hodime te do nekonecneho pekla chlapecku
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Buddhist monk 'filmed having meth-fuelled gay sex in temple' - PinkNews · PinkNews
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Rigpa and Anatta

Imagine being asleep in bed while dreaming. Except in this dream “you” have no dream body, no dream identity, and no sense of being a “me” as an observer of the dream landscapes and dream events.

There is simply a vivid clarity of perceptions without any subjective sense of being an entity in or out of the dream as a witnessing observer.

This would be like an impersonal video camera “taking it all in” but without any sense of “it” doing so. There is no sense of a subjective self even possible for a video camera.

Likewise, in this dream, there is “no one” present who could subjectively experience any suffering, reactivity or resistance to the dream appearances. A video camera never reacts emotionally to or resists the content of the video.

But now, later in the dream, the subconscious starts adding a subjective sense to the “pure selfless observing”, of a conceptualized “me” to whom these dream perceptions are occurring. But the personal self-identity as an “observer” is nothing more than more dream landscape, but this time on the subjective side.

The dream is now one of a “you”, felt as a personal “me”, with a dream body “who” is experiencing the exterior landscapes and events of the dream. The dreamed self as an experiencer is no more real than the dreamed tigers and dreamed trees. All is a projection of the subconscious mind. It’s a subconscious mind, because there is no consciousness of its own projecting.

The next step in this exercise is to suddenly see that what I described regarding a dream state, is also what’s occurring in the ordinary, daytime, waking state. The mechanisms of selfing are identical.

A good example would be a newborn baby. We assume its first moments are not very subjective and personal. There is just a vivid kaleidoscope of colors, sounds and sensations. As months go by, slowly a centralized “me” becomes an ever more present feature of cognitive life. After a couple of years, the self as a subjective sense of “me” begins to become a rather permanent feature of daily life. As an adult, this sense of “me” can become such a solid and ever-present feature of consciousness, that it is never even questioned regarding its authenticity and validity.

It’s this artificial “me” that resists, grasps and suffers. It’s just a story line narrative, that arises from the subconscious due to conditioning. It’s “subconscious” because the “me” doesn’t see or know any of this.

However, and it’s a big however, the subconscious can suddenly cease projecting this dream-like “me” identity. Then what remains is the exact same landscapes and perceptual events, but without any sense of anyone observing them. The “middle man” dropped out. There are just vivid perceptions without a personal perceiver.

In Dzogchen we call the resulting awareness, “naked rigpa”. It’s crisply aware, but without it being a “personally” present subject as an experiencing participant.

If the body is sitting in the kitchen for example, there is just the vivid perceptions of the kitchen itself occurring from the perspective of the body’s eyes; but without any “I am observing the kitchen”.

This is nirvana; where a non-subjective aware presence (naked rigpa) exists, but with no “personal” self there having perceptual experiences to savor, resist or contemplate.

The conceptualizing mind only functions or “thinks” when the personal self is being subconsciously projected. Naked awareness or rigpa has nothing to think about because there is no self to be concerned about something to think about.

Notice after reading this, how the “me” (as selfing processes) will try to sense how the experience of “being without a me” would feel like. The self wants to sample the experience of its own absence, but without actually being absent to the experience. It wants to have that new experience without actually losing itself.

That which notices the “me”, trying to sense the feeling of being without a “me”, is not the “me”. It’s naked rigpa; where the “me” has dropped away from being the “receiving center” of perception (I am perceiving), to being demoted to the status of just being more impersonal scenery, like the kitchen sink.

This is either suddenly seen in crystal clarity (naked rigpa) or it isn’t. There is no gradual middle-ground. The middle-ground understanding, would just be more conceptual understanding to benefit the “me” in its quest to “get this”.

This is very subtle and tricky stuff... The “me” illusion has been around in humans for maybe a million Earth years. It seems to be a distinguishing feature of the species. But in “real time”, it has never been anything more than just entertaining scenery for the one who has never been identified with the one, seeming to be a “me”.
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No Separate Places

Nirvana and samsara won’t be found in separate places or in separate times: the empty nature of samsara is itself nirvana. Not seeing the empty nature of nirvana is itself samsara.

Pure Awareness and afflicted mind won’t be found in separate places or in separate times. The empty nature of the afflicted mind is itself Pure Awareness. Not seeing the empty nature of Pure Awareness is the afflicted mind.

The ego-self and no-self won’t be found in separate places or in separate times. The empty nature of the ego-self is indeed the no-self. Clinging to the empty nature of the no-self is indeed itself, the presence of the ego-self. The imagined non-existence of the one, is the imagined existence of the other.

Wisdom and ignorance won’t be found in separate places or in separate times. Seeing the empty nature of ignorance is itself wisdom. Not seeing the empty nature of wisdom is indeed ignorance not seen.

Obstacles and release won’t be found in separate places or in separate times. The empty nature of obstacles is their own release. Not seeing the empty nature of freedom and release, we are bound and obstacled by our own freedom and shackled without release.

We won’t find peace and turbulence in separate places nor in separate times. The empty nature of turbulence is itself our long sought peace. Not seeing the empty nature of our peace, we turn peace into turbulence, like crashing waves that never seem to cease.

Not seeing the emptiness of our current condition we search for realization near and far. Realization is the ever present emptiness of our current condition however it may appear. Awareness can only be found as the luminous and knowing emptiness that is exactly what and where we always are.
KOCOURMIKES --- 7:02:27 7.8.2018
unfindability and undefinability - applied on your life and your fellow human beings, on your sufferings and confusions stemming from this life and universe
KOCOURMIKES --- 7:23:33 6.8.2018
When taken very deeply, unfindability is incredibly freeing. Reality stops making sense, in the best way. There is peace, love and compassion in this seeing. There is relief from suffering. And yet all of those things are ultimately unfindable. You have not only made the case against awareness, you have made the case against everything, leaving only a mirage-like, illusory, conventional reality that is infused with impermanence. We suffer because we think things are permanent – life, death, stories, identities, awareness, suffering, labels. When none of that is seen as findable and permanent, all suffering around those things relaxes. All of that “I know how things really are” kind of thinking falls away. All of your absolutes fall away. Your relience on the inference of awareness falls away. This is a joyful way to live. Highly recommended!