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" Zazen je velka cesta, velka stezka. Je to zniceni nazoru, existence a neexistence, zivota, smrti, je to zniceni viry ve vecnost, v zanik. Je to nedualita. To, cemu nas uci zazen, je prava povaha vsech veci. Zazen odtina vsechny nase pochyby. Musime cvicit s velkou radosti. Toto cviceni je hluboke a tajemne, nikdo ho nemuze zmerit. Svetlo zazenu je jako jas slunce. Toto cviceni je nekonecne. "

- Mistr Debailly

"Zazen je nejhlubší odpověď na všechny otázky, které si člověk může položit.“

- Rev. Debailly

Zazen (dhyana) - buddhisticka meditace-koncentrace


Dódžó Myo ji

po: 18:30; čt: 18:30


15. července otevíráme nové dojo v Plzni na adrese Němejcova 6.
Denní praxe bude probíhat pod vedením zenového mistra Seï Yu Debailly.

Zazeny budou probíhat každý všední den ráno od 6:30 do 7:30 a večer od 18:00 do 19:00.

Zen dojo Plzeň

po, út, čt: 19:00-20:00, ranní praxe po domluvě


Zen dojo při Česko-Japonské společnosti

út: 6:15 - 8:00, 19:15 - 21:00; čt: 6:15 - 8:00


čt: 18:45 - 21:30

Zen-buddhismus v České republice

Škola sótó ( Taisen Deshimaru přenesl praxi zenu v 60.letech do Evropy)

Zazen v česko-japonské společnosti na Můstku


Sangha mistra Kaisena - dojo Praha, Brno, Ostrava


Sangha mistra Debaillyho


Zen Dojo v Plzni

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+ Hořící jezero pro vás :)
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Každý se potrestá sám... (základní pravda)
??? --- 22:59:33 14.2.2017
"Generally people think that the mind of the Way involves renouncing worldly ambitions, making a hut for oneself in the mountains, and purifying one’s mind with the sound of waterfalls or wind in the pines. This way of thinking is similar to that of Xu and Chao and cannot be called the true mind of the Way. The All Dharmas Are without Actions Sutra says that if one dwelling in the quiet solitude of the forests and mountains thinks of himself as superior to ordinary people he will not attain even a heavenly rebirth, much less Buddhahood."
Dialogues in Dream, Muso Soseki
KOCOURMIKES --- 20:25:47 13.2.2017
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KOCOURMIKES --- 12:03:39 3.2.2017
Dzogchen Wisdom

Let's take a look at what two Dzogchen masters have to say, starting with Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche.

He says in his book: Present Fresh Wakefulness:

"Basically and fundamentally, our mind is utterly empty, sheer bliss, totally naked. We do not need to make it like this; we do not need to cultivate it by meditating, to create this state by meditating.

Give up thinking of anything at all, about the past, the future or the present. Remain thought-free, like an infant.

Innate suchness is unobscured the moment you are not caught up in present thinking.

That which prevents us from being face to face with the real Buddha, the natural state of mind, is our own thinking. It seems to block the natural state.

Rigpa, the Natural State, is not cultivated in meditation. The awakened state is not an object of the intellect. Rigpa is beyond intellect, and concepts.

This is the real Buddhadharma, not to do a thing. Not to think of anything Like Saraha said, "Having totally abandoned thinker and what is thought of, remain as a thought-free child."

Thinking is delusion.

When caught up in thinking we are deluded. To be free of thinking is to be free.

That freedom consists in how to be free from our thinking.

As long as the web of thinking has not dissolved, there will repeatedly be rebirth in and the experiences of the six realms.

The method: But if you want to be totally free of conceptual thinking there is only one way: through training in thought-free wakefulness. (rigpa).

Strip awareness to its naked state.

If you want to attain liberation and omniscient enlightenment, you need to be free of conceptual thinking.

Being free of thought is liberation.

This is not some state that is far away from us: thought-free wakefulness actually exists together with every thought, inseparable from it... but the thinking obscures or hides this innate actuality. Thought free wakefulness (the natural state) is immediately present the very moment the thinking dissolves, the moment it vanishes, fades away, falls apart.

Simply suspend your thinking within the non-clinging state of wakefulness: that is the correct view."

My comment: All the masters agree on this point, that any intellectual pursuit as trying to increase wisdom through study and analysis is only having an effect upon the intellect. The intellect is itself the functioning of deluded ego-consciousness. The intellect never becomes enlightened. The Natural State is thought free, intellect free... and no studying or analyzing gets you any closer. Any realization or intellectual insight is just a mental arising that occurs to our unchanging Awareness and offers no benefit or harm. It is a sudden seeing, a non-conceptual erupting of the Natural State into our field of consciousness that reveals the fact that there never was a me to be liberated, as the me was just a thought floating through the non-personal continuum of our mind. We are not a person who has experiences, but rather the individual person is just an experience arising within a non-personal Awareness.

Lonchenpa said: A Buddha with a thinking mind is an ordinary sentient being (unenlightened), but a sentient being without a thinking mind is a Buddha.

- Jax
KOCOURMIKES --- 11:01:15 3.2.2017
It's like this...

When you were born and only days old, you had no idea of who or what you were. You were just present and aware. So your head had no thought-stories in it about being a self or about being an individual entity with any identity at all.

Over time your head got filled up with ONLY THOUGHTS and images ABOUT being a defined self with defined personal characteristics and traits. Of course these are just made up thought-stories with no actual findable self of any kind.

Wake up people! That self as a defined personal "me", is only a bunch of thoughts filling that otherwise originally empty head. There is "no one" in there anymore than the character you "seemed" to be in last night's dream as being a real person. You are still the vivid identity-less awareness that pre-existed the "me" thoughts and stories

All those "me" thoughts are just floating around in that "space of vivid empty awareness", like ratty old furniture that needs to be put out with the trash. It's only that imaginary, thought-story "me" that suffers emotionally and has problems. It's just an imaginary story folks!

Close your eyes and see if you can find a real self in your mind that exists independently of those thoughts, images and memories that claim a "me" really exists.

What was seen?
KOCOURMIKES --- 0:46:15 3.2.2017
KOCOURMIKES --- 0:31:30 2.2.2017
Prajna arises but not for a person. It's not difficult for anyone, because there is no one already!