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Oldskool 1989-1994
1989-1994 Techno, Rave, Acid, New Beat,Hardcore Breaks,Eurodance
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HONZA09 --- 5:53:37 7.7.2017
HONZA09 --- 5:50:31 7.7.2017
MUABI --- 23:01:45 5.7.2017
Jester - Stardust Memories (remixed by Hardsequencer as "Magic Flight")

Hardsequencer (later renamed to Hardy Hard), who used to be a little active in the Amiga Demoscene, started to produce Techno-Tracks for commercial reasons. One of his tracks is a remix/rip-off of a the famous "Stardust Memories"-Track done by Jester of Sanity for the "World of Commodore 1992"-Demo, which Hardsequencer released as "Magic Flight" on his album "Brain Crash" in 1994.

Hardsequencer didn´t give any credit for that to Jester, claimed to be the only composer of the track. He also did a a second remix of that track which was published on a techno-compilation called "Love Nation" in the mid ninetees.

This video contains both versions.

0:00 - 3.30 min - "Brain Crash" Album Version
3:30 - 8:24 min - Second Remix for "Love Nation" Compilation
MUABI --- 23:19:41 2.7.2017
EZEE --- 9:04:56 23.6.2017
HONZA09 --- 15:56:37 21.6.2017
??? --- 19:48:07 15.6.2017
Techno Trash Volume II - Noise !! [1991]

Elstak čoroval...
??? --- 19:40:12 15.6.2017