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KERRAY --- 11:45:45 3.9.2015
Andrew Connell, MVP SharePoint Server - Developers: SharePoint isn’t a Platform, SharePoint is a Service
PETVAL --- 23:10:59 28.7.2015
SPCAF | Are you using SharePoint 2013 and SPDisposeCheck? STOP!
PETVAL --- 11:31:18 28.7.2015
Pls nemate nekdo Dynamics CRM Connector for Dynamics AX 3.4.304.1 a nepodelili byste se? Chci si jen vyzkouset propojeni AX a CRM 2015, na instalacnim iso je jen konektor na CRM 2011 a na MSDN to neni, jen tady pro zakazniky nebo AX partnery, a MS partner login tam nefunguje :(

PETVAL --- 23:07:40 2.6.2015
podle toho popisu a anglictiny uplny dream boss / PM nebo co to je ;]

for our client we are looking for experienced candidates for Application Support (SharePoint) for long-term project in Prague.

We not looking further Sharepoint manager since I have already more than enough but looking person to support (the one who do not drive but works) will experience at least 3y + in service support area with the knowledge of Sharepoint platform. Anyone, who worked in the support level and with logical and / or analytical approach to work.
PETVAL --- 15:40:02 14.5.2015
No more SharePoint Designer, according to @mkashman
#msignite #sharepoint

PETVAL --- 15:24:50 14.5.2015
What’s new in SharePoint Server 2016 Installation and Deployment - Bill Baer - Site Home - TechNet Blogs
PETVAL --- 22:42:55 26.4.2015
New Guidance from Microsoft for Packaging and Deploying SharePoint Solutions - Vantage Point: Bob German's Weblog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
RESTA --- 13:25:23 24.4.2015
to len také načrtnutie riešenia ľavou rukou na pravom vajci... je tam treba trošku "kategorizovania" správ a tak, ale v zásade to takto funguje...