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Terence McKenna ۞ जयरामकृष्णन्हरी۞
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Jim Carrey Preparing For Psychedelic Role By Staying In Nature And Taking Magic Mushrooms — McKennite
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Jinak po setkani s Dennisem na Beyond Psychedelics jsem si precetl Brotherhood of the Screaming Abbys znovu.. A ta cast, kde popisuje jak Terence prestal brat psylocibyn a v podstate vsechny halucinogeny nekdy v roce 1988-9 a jak musel resit konflikt toho ze vypravi neco o cem si neni jist, ale co zivi rodinu atd. mi prisla nejaka vic soft.. A opravdu!

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I was disappointed that probably the biggest revelation of the book appears to have been edited out in later prints. This is that Terrence had a very difficult mushroom trip about '89 with his wife Kat; he never took mushrooms again after this point and only took other psychedelics very infrequently; and everything after this personal crisis was fallout. Bruce Damer ran a seminar where he quotes at least two full pages from a fascinating and deeply revealing part of the book in a chapter called "Symbiosis Shattered". There is now no such chapter in the book, but the less revealing parts of Bruce's excerpt are still in the chapter called "The Bard in Light and Shadow". I think it's a shame that it has been removed from the book (as far as I can work out?) because there are very important lessons here for everyone including Terrence's fans

Takze doporucuju vsem s vaznym zajmem o Terence McKennu si poslechnout ten original, kde ta kapitola je ctena:

Podcast 316 – “A Deep Dive Into the Mind of McKenna” – Psychedelic Salon Podcasts

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Dennis bude v září v Praze na psychedelický konferenci
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Dennis and Terence McKenna: Parts of an Intellectual Dyad | VICE | United States