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Electro breax, electro/dirty/filthy/jackin house, tech funk, bassline, fidget, wobble >>> Cyber Disko? :]
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TULEN --- 19:03:00 20.1.2017
DRYMAN --- 13:25:02 15.12.2016
TULEN --- 16:18:39 7.12.2016
tenhle me dost bavi, uz jsem ho votocil snad 5x:]

Modek - The Brink mixtape
DRYMAN --- 11:44:58 28.11.2016
TULEN --- 17:58:31 15.11.2016
TULEN --- 15:45:03 10.11.2016
remix danchezovy skladby od bena cody na kiosku, potesi:]

DNCH - Forced (Ben Coda remix)[Kiosek] COMING SOON
TULEN --- 9:23:32 23.10.2016
Here is my latest mix. As always, this was done live using 2 Technics 1210's, Controller Vinyl, Serato, Novation Dicers, Macbook Pro and a Rane TTM56 Mixer. The shoutouts were added later in Soundforge.

I do these mixes like this because I am bored of hearing studio tight mixes where the DJ doesn't actually do any work. You know the DJ's that time all their tracks up so they don't have to worry on the night! Or they use Ableton and just drop and play. This is me fighting the analogueness of the Technic Turntables, that classic drag and push vibe!

This mix contains tracks that we either wrote, remixed or released on our labels. A good few bootlegs on here too as I never seemed to play them and I quite like them now!

Hope you like the mix and download... there will be another mix in the coming month as well as a free download of a d&b relick we just finished which will go live Friday. Brent - Aquasky

Aquasky 'Breaks For Daze' Oct 2016 Mix

Aquasky Oct 2016 Breaks Mix
1: Aquasky & Ragga Twins ‘Living Legends’ - Passenger
2: Bob Citrus ‘Lovin Machine’ – Raw Deal
3: Aquaski ‘Exceeded’ – Airways
4: Kelevra & Jackdarippa – Don’t Wanna’ – Passenger
5: Aquaski ‘Crush On Intro’ – Airport
6: Slipz N Dapz ‘Down Down Down’ – Basslayerz
7: Aquaski ‘In My Arms Baby’ – Airways
8: The Breakfastaz ‘The Pressure’ – Passenger
9: Aquaski ’99 In The House’ – Big Deal
10: Aquasky & Ragga Twins ‘Everybody Hype’ – 777
11: Aquaski ‘I Wish’ – Big Deal
12: Rennie Pilgrim ‘One By One VIP’ – Passenger
13: Rob Le Pitch ‘Twisted (Rogue Element & Tom Real Mix)’ - Passenger

MALY_BOBIK --- 10:19:50 20.10.2016