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The Dune - Kultovní dílo Franka Herberta a vše okolo - see HOME!
ANKETA! Jak hodnotite pokracovani a predehry sagy duna z pera Briana Herberta a Kevina J. Andersona ?

Pokus o prelozeni BG litanie:

"I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it pass over me and through me. And whan it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain."

"Nesmim se bat. Strach zabiji mysleni. Strach je mala smrt prinasejici naproste vyhlazeni. Budu svemu strachu celit. Dovolim mu, aby prosel preze mne a skrze mne. A az projde, pohlednu vnitrnim zrakem na jeho cestu. Kde byl strach, nic nezustane. Zustanu pouze ja ."
Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
TAURUS --- 15:42:24 28.9.2007
Tak to dejte na nástěnku :-)
DR_K --- 14:52:37 28.9.2007
a za dalsich 11 prispevku to nekdo pastnete znova, ju? udelame si z toho takovou zertovnou hru ;)
TAURUS --- 13:33:38 28.9.2007
Všechny možné knihy od FH, nejen Duna. I předehry, legendy a podobně.

ULRIK --- 16:20:01 26.9.2007
A já si to přečtu vše od začátku...tohle mne navnadilo, dík:)
WIPER --- 15:22:24 26.9.2007
Stryx: to rozhodne ano! A pohovorie o nich s trochou koreni v dymce... ;-D

Tady dalsi perlicka. Trefne pozorovani FH ohledne naseo legalniho radu:

"That's the test, Duncan."
"You don't trust me?"
"I trust your loyalty to the Atreides implicitly, without question."
"Then what's this talk of corruption and testing?"
"You were the one who accused me of having a police force. Police always observe
that criminals prosper. It takes a pretty dull policeman to miss the fact that
the position of authority is the most prosperous criminal position available."

Idaho wet his lips with his tongue and stared at Leto with obvious puzzlement.
"But the moral training of... I mean, the legal . . . the prisons to. . ."
"What good are laws and prisons when the breaking of a law is not a sin?"
Idaho cocked his head slightly to the right. "Are you trying to tell me that
your damned religion is.. ."
"Punishment of sins can be quite extravagant."
Idaho hooked a thumb over his shoulder toward the world
outside the door. "All this talk about death penalties . . . that flogging
"I try to dispense with casual laws and prisons wherever possible."
"You have to have some prisons!"
"Do I? Prisons are needed only to provide the illusion that courts and police
are effective. They're a kind of job insurance."

Ku pozornosti take stoji spousta postrehu ktere videl FH v nasme svete a slovy svych postav o nich promlouva.


Navic celym Bozskym imperatorem se tahne myslenka zakon vs. moralka (moralni kodex). FH poukazuje na to, ze moralni kodex obazeny v nabozenstvi, je "imprintovan" diteti podstate drive nez je schopno pochopit "legalni pravni rad". Spravne naimrintovane nabozenstvi se vykonava bez otazek a premysleni. Proto je to take "vira". Tedy pokud je nas moralni kodex obsazen v nabozenstvi, je tady jista sance ze bude dodzovan. Navic hrich vs. poruseni zakona ma jeste jednu dimensi. Jak se rika, zlocin je "to" jen kdyz se na "to" prijde. Ale buh vidi vsechno. Pred nim je zlocinem kazdy hrich a nelze se vyhnout odpovednosti, jako pred "pravnim radem".

STRYX --- 14:01:23 26.9.2007
Ja si ty dalsi dily asi budu muset precist... ;o)
WIPER --- 12:03:10 26.9.2007
Aaah, nevim jak je to mozne, ale mam pocit ze Dune od Franak Herberta me jako me osobni filosoficky provodce intelektualnimi namety naprosto fascinuje.

Zde male zamysleni Franak Herberta na tema AI. V dialogu BG a Bozskeho imperatora.

"And you do not fear the lxians' machine?" Anteac insisted.
"Is automation synonymous with conscious intelligence?" he asked.
Anteac's eyes went wide and filmy as she withdrew into her memories. Leto found
himself caught by fascination with what she must be encountering there within
her own internal mob.
We share some of those memories, he thought.
Leto felt then the seductive attraction of community with Reverend Mothers. It
would be so familiar, so supportive. . . and so deadly. Anteac was trying to
lure him once more.
She spoke: "The machine cannot anticipate every problem of importance to humans.
It is the difference between serial bits and an unbroken continuum. We have the
one; machines are confined to the other."
"You still have the power of reason," he said.
"Share!" Luyseyal said. It was a command to Anteac and it revealed with sharp
abruptness who really dominated this pair-the younger over the older.
Exquisite, Leto thought.
"Intelligence adapts," Anteac said.
Parsimonious with her words, too, Leto thought, hiding his amusement.
"Intelligence creates," Leto said. "That means you must deal with responses
never before imagined. You must confront the new."
"Such as the possibility of the Ixian Machine," Anteac said. It was not a
"Isn't it interesting," Leto asked, "that being a superb Reverend Mother is not
His acute senses detected the sudden fearful tightening in both of the women.
Truthsayers, indeed!
"You are right to fear me," he said. Raising his voice, he demanded: "How do you
know you're even alive?"
As Moneo had done so many times, they heard in his voice the deadly consequences
of failure to answer him correctly. It fascinated Leto that both women glanced
at Moneo before either responded.
"I am the mirror of myself," Luyseyal said, a pat Bene Gesserit answer which
Leto found offensive.
"I don't need pre-set tools to deal with my human problems." Anteac said. "Your
question is sophomoric`."

"Hah, hah!" Leto laughed. "How would you like to quit the Bene Gesserit and join
He could see her consider and then reject the invitation, but she did not hide
her amusement.

Zvlaste tucna cast texu ukazuje, ze Frank Herber byl vzdelany clovek a filosof. Alistair a Stryx jiste opet poznavaji casti z GEB o zrcadleni a "circular reasoning" ;-D
WIPER --- 11:33:39 26.9.2007
A tady je dalsi naprosto vymazleny dialog, nasledujici po pokusu BG o zavrazdeni Bozkehe Imperatora... ;-)

"You have misread the history of spice-essence," Leto said. "Sandtrout sense it
only as water."
"It was a test, Lord," Anteac said. "That is all."
"You would test me?"
"Blame our curiosity, Lord," Anteac said.
"I, too, am curious. Put your spice-essence on the ledge beside Moneo. I will
keep it."
Slowly, demonstrating by the steadiness of her movements that she intended no
attack, Luyseyal reached beneath her gown and removed a small vial which
glistened with an inner blue radiance. She placed the vial gently on the ledge.
Not by any sign did she indicate that she might try something desperate.
"Truthsayer, indeed," Leto said.
She favored him with a faint grimace which might have been a smile, then
withdrew to Anteac's side.
"Where did you get the spice-essence?" Leto asked.
"We bought it from smugglers," Anteac said.
"There've been no smugglers for almost twenty-five hundred years."
"Waste not, want not," Anteac said.
WIPER --- 11:17:21 26.9.2007
DUNAR_: ano dekuji za nhravku na smec... :o)

samozrejmne ze NECHYBI :-) protoze zadne nejsou. Nebo alespon ne tak jak si to predstavuje hamburgrozrout Brian.

Ale ted zpet do rozkryvani zahrad dila Franka Herberta...

Bozsky imerator se zda byt plny malych stripku. Zde nachazim poprve zminky o "siti" coz mi napadne pripomina presne tu "sit" kterou zminuje Duncan Idaho tesne pred skokem ARKY do neprostoru v poslednim dile... Sit ktera je nejakym zpusobem se zminovanym nepritelem? Co zije ve svete snu a vzpominek? Nepritel je samozrejmne neco vnitrniho. Neco co lezi v nas a musime to "porazit". Klasice "face you own inner deamons"

Ritual substitutes.
There were significant changes across the past ten years. A new parsimony had
entered the Sisterhood's thinking.
They are coming out, Leto told himself. The old, old mysteries are still here.
The ancient patterns had lain dormant in the Bene Gesserit memories for all of
those millennia.
Now, they emerge. I must warn my Fish Speakers.
He returned his attention to the Reverend Mothers.
"You have requests?"
"What is it like to be you'?" Luyseyal asked.
Leto blinked. That was an interesting attack. They had not tried it in more than
a generation. Well . . . why not?
"Sometimes my dreams are blocked off and redirected into strange places," he
said. "If my cosmic memories are a web, as you two certainly know, then think
about the dimensions of my web and where such memories and dreams might lead."

Jinak ten dilog je cely dokonale vymazleny. :-) Tak co, nejaky ten srazek a pokec? Nejak zacinam byt osamnely. I ti chudaci co lusti moudrost z tory a bible maji spolecnost se kterou si o tom povidaji ;)